Me stupid..... some basic help would be appreciated

  • Hey guys, a few questions because I'm lost.

    Where is my FS2 installed??? I know it's on my F drive (3TB) under steam I guess but I can't find it.

    For now I just want to install a few livery and the DR 400, I have downloaded the SDK but all file where installed on my C drive.

    I'm so lost



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    The core of Aerofly FS2 is located wherever you installed Steam (Steamapps)

    The SDK can be downloaded to any drive you wish. You will need to read the instructions that came with the SDK package, this will help you with that in general.

    The add-on folders (where you will be placing your DR400) will be located in your \documents\Aerofly FS 2\ folder.

    For the liveries, read the instructions pinned on the user created/aircraft repaints forum.

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  • Thanks Jeff

    The downloaded SDK give me 5 files






    I have installed in sencond the aircraft converter, where can this be found?

    Please show me the link for the instructions

    Regards, Ben

    BennyBoy. I5 8600K @ 4,3ghz, 16 ram, GTX 1060 6G @ UW @2560 X 1080. Sim: AF2 & P3D V4

  • With the "old" SDK we have a PDF instructions with it, but i don't find it in the last version of the SDK.

    1. Install the Aerofly FS 2 Aircraft Converter as described above.

    2. Locate the 'dr400' intermediate folder in the SDK's 'aircraft_workshop' folder. Right click on the 'dr400' folder and choose Aerofly FS 2 Aircraft Converter from the context menu. This action opens the aircraft converter window for the example aircraft.

    3. Click the Convert button to start the conversion. The aircraft converter will copy the dynamics and configuration files to the user folder of Aerofly FS 2, convert the sounds, the 3d model and the textures, and will render the preview texture if necessary. Depending on your hardware, this may take a while.

    4. When the aircraft converter has converted the example aircraft, start Aerofly FS 2. The Robin DR400 should be available in the aircraft menu now. Enjoy your new aircraft

  • As far as I'm aware the aircraft converter installes to the context menu of the windows explorer. If you have an aircraft folder with a tgi, tmd, tmc files in it you can right click that folder to start the converter.

    I haven't checked the current SDK package, I would assume the pdf instructions are now completly integrated into the wiki:…u.php/sdk:intro