Creating a Valid Working folder

  • Heya guys just stuck on altering the working folder in the FSET InI file, what is the easiest txt to enter to replace the existing one? Its just that when I clicked on start it told me "Cannot Start Something is wrong with the working directory" is it because the existing working folder is invalid? I tried changing it to this but no luck

  • And I'd definitely advise not to work on the C drive if you have more... Keep that partition for Windows and install everything you can in other places, or you'll quickly fill it up.

    Just create a folder named "Work" in any other drive with enough disk space and copy-paste the link in your .ini file.



    Config : i7 6900K - 20MB currently set at 4.00GHz, Cooling Noctua NH-U14S, Motherboard ASUS Rampage V Extreme U3.1, RAM HyperX Savage Black Edition 16GB DDR4 3000 MHz, Graphic Card Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 8GB, Power supply Corsair RM Series 850W, Windows 10 64 bit.

  • Cheers Rodeo that has worked 😎 but I used Virtual Earth as a data source and a lot of the images that I could see loading where washed out and had clouds in them so I deleted everything and used Google Earth, it loaded clear images but when I went to my working/scenery folder there were only about 6 pics of large areas near where I am but none of my town Paraparaumu New Zealand, yeah don't know what went wrong there lol, apparently Google does not work is this correct? I don't have the programs like photoshop etc to mess around with clouds and colour and even if I did I wouldn't know where to begin😊I also have 2 Googles in my ini file, I think I've messed up here somewhere along the line, hmm, maybe I should just delete everything and start again? If I delete my ini file will it build a new one?