Is it okay to post aircraft livery requests in this forum?

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    I used to do some repaints back in the FU3 days but even then I wasn't very good. I had a friend who would go behind me and clean up some of my errors. But I don't even have a proper paint program these days and I still lack the skill. So if it is alright I'll make a couple of requests. If it isn't then I promise not to be upset if this thread gets removed from this forum.

    1. A good US livery for the Extra... something with plenty of red, white, & blue and some stars would be great. Failing that I'd be thrilled just to have one in any color with a US "N" type tail number.

    2. Could we please have the Frecce Tricolori paint for the MB-339? I imagine there are probably licensing issues but could somebody please slip us one "unofficially" in the repaint portion of these forums? I loved it in aFS1 on the PC and I still have it in both aFS1 & aFS2 on my iPad.

    Those 2 are the ones I am most anxious to get. And I figure the request is pretty reasonable. In a less reasonable request I'd love to have circa 2004 United Airlines liveries for the 747-400 & A320. What I'm talking about is the same United livery as seen on the 737-500. AVSIM held it's annual conference in 2004 across the street from the United Airlines Training Center here in Denver. Along with a lot of other people I was able to book time in the huge full motion simulators with real United instructor pilots. I'd love to have the 747 & A320 in that livery to match the 1:200 models I bought from United back in '04 and still have displayed on the top shelf of this computer desk. If it would help I can supply pictures of those models. BUT: I do realize that I may well be the only one that would care about those particular repaints and my request is not particularly reasonable. But I suspect my first 2 requests would please a great many people.

    Thank you,

    Tom Wunder

    Thank you & Best regards,

    Tom Wunder

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    Hi Tom,

    this is totally acceptable to post here.

    I'm assuming that you already checked out our download section for liveries?

    There are some very talented artists that have made some really nice liveries already, maybe they will see this posting and make one of your requests. If you have an image of what you are looking for specifically do post it here. That would make it easier.

    Also, welcome to our forum :)

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