Is anyone using Bing or Google earth in FSET instead of virtual earth?

  • Hello aerofly friends,

    Tried to create few tiles of Texel island in the netherlands @ level 0 in FSET.

    Area is 20 nm * 20 nm and about 15 Gb size.

    The problem is that resolution looks good but color difference is ugly. Tiles look like patchwork. Very dark squares and very bright squares mixed together. I used virtual earth as server\source but google earth is probably better but that doesnt work either because zoomlevel is awefull.
    I used ortho4xp quite often and the results were better. Google earth server gave much better results there. How is that possible? Can I use Bing as tile server in FSET ini. Bing gave me very good results in ortho for the netherlands. What bing adress do I add to the FSET ini file?

    Any help would be great??


  • Virtual Earth is Bing. That's a bit trivial that you didn't get good results. I remember Bing always being better for me with Ortho4XP. And so far it's the same for me for the areas I've been GeoConvert-ing.

    - Ashley

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  • Ok thank you! But how come when I zoom in at Texel island I see so many small different squares with virtual earth an NO tiles even with google earth in fset! When I zoom in with google maps I can zoom in so far that I recognize the brand of a parked car. Zooming in in fset with google earth does not work so good. Is the server adress in the ini file correct? I used the ini file they recommended in the wiki.

    Thanks for your response btw!