Suggestion regarding the Bail out (+500') soft button

  • I'm referring to the button above the view button that takes the plane immediately up by 500'. I'm assuming this is a bail out button which I see is often needed in mountainous terrain like Switzerland especially when the autopilot wants to take you through a mountain.

    I find I often hit this accidentally and it very frustrating when, after completing a perfect landing and you have spent several minutes taxiing to a parking spot and wham. After accidentally hitting the panic button you are 500' up with no power of lift.

    Now to the suggestion and possible easy work around. What if the panic button was only visible after hitting the pause button. The same result can then be achieved without accidents.

    Please concider.

    Cheers Anton.

    Anton von SierakowskI - Aerofly FS2 Win PC (since 2017-08) W10 64bit

    ASUS Gryphon Z87 TUF Micro-ATX; i7 4770K 3.4GHz (@3.9GHz) 16Gb RAM GTX770 2Gb, 250Gb SSD-sys, 500GB SSD-FS2, 4TB HHD

    (FS2 iOS on iPad mini retina)

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