USS Iowa: Seeking help with scenery placement for museum exhibit

  • Thx Dave

    I've got tons of stuff that we could convert from the harbor, bridges, ships, cranes, trains, containers, buildings, etc...


    Good times ahead. Maybe the Michael Special Objects Library (MSOL) will become as household word in AF2 scenery development. Just think.



  • Yeah we'll see, probably not.

    I'm concerned about the process. If we include tons of individual 3D stuff like that (like let's say 100 containers at the port), won't it slow down the display? I know in NY there is a massive amount of 3D buildings, but I'm not sure they were included one by one, I'm guessing it's more optimized than that.


    In the mean time here are a few observations for those interested:

    1- The iowa as installed appears in the hud like an airport, i.e. there is a vector point and a distance to it when close.

    2- When one crashes around it, not on it, the plane gets stuck on the ship in the water and impossible to get unstuck, one needs to go back to menu, reset altitude for the plane and then it's fine. My take is that is the same routine that takes care of a crash near an airport, yet it not being an airport really we get stuck.

    Not a problem really, just observations.

  • Yes, it most likely would take a lot resources. I think 100 containers on a dock should be one grouped container image and not a hundred individual containers. A few detailed ones for those zoom-in close ups but only a few isolated ones. The same for parking lots. Only a few individual cars, but have rows and rows of lower resolution cars grouped to save resources.

    Just a guess.



  • I wonder if we will be able to move or reuse some of the "standard" high rise office buildings to add a near instant "downtown" or business district to our user generated scenry projects when we get access to the IPACS objects library.



  • Yes I think it's time to proceed, this stuff gets addictive I want to do more and more details, and more and more buildings. But I'm reaching the limit of what information I have on the picture as far as shapes. All that comes from a single aerial photo.

    I wanted to do the big X building in the background, but between the picture info and other issues it's a step up in difficulty right now (if I can at all, there is quite a bit of stuff in front, so the pict may not have enough info), so maybe after we validate the export/import.

    There are a few liberties I took to extrapolate info, some stuff I know is wrong but it 's plausible and only the people that have been there would know it's not exact (I haven't)

    Anyway the next big step is textures, that's going to take me some time. Then I can export and we can import into FS2.

  • We can use the Aerosoft New Orleans X scenery package for FSX/P3D and get all of the angles and views of the central business district, actually all of the Bin Easy to make whatever you like.

    I have a copy and can load it up and take a few screenshots if interested. I was thinking that once we have access to the IPACS library objects they will include all their downtown buildings.



  • How do they ( Aerosoft and others) ever have the time to do such much detail? I hope they can sell their model to other non-flight-sim consumers. Yes, there are some nonspecific buildings but most look real - and then the roofs look so good - the textures are amazing. One would hope they have a lot of data from other sources so they can create a lot of it without manual labor except to check the final result.