Heads up: Dash is seperate download (DLC in Steam) + question about tutorials

  • See topic title: I thought the update included the Dash and I was wondering where the heck the Dash was after updating. ;)

    Another question though: is there already a tutorial for the Dash? This bird is too complicated to fly just like that.

    Talking about tutorials: now that the AP's have been updated various planes have increased quite a lot in complexity: will there be tutorials for all planes? I mainly fly the Cessna (it's simple) and the Airbus 320 (because I know if from P3D) but I hardly dare to fly other planes because I have no clue what to do. WIth this update I am even more clueless. ;)

  • The Q400 is relatively "easy" to figure out if you have some experience in the A320 or Boeing autopilots. It's not identical but it's not that foreign. A tutorial will be really useful though, especially for prop pitch settings for various situations.

    It is a fun plane to fly!

  • Could we have a quick explanation of how to start the Q400 please? I wanted to fly it but the engines are off by default and didn't find the way to move the fuel levers?( I must say that I usually fly in a very easy way, never cold and dark, no systems, and only using basic instruments (I know, it's wrong but that's what I enjoyed in AFS2 so far, the simplicity)..

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    When I place the Q400 onto the runway it's engines are running and that is how it is intended.

    If you place your Q400 onto the runway as well, are your engines running or not? Please confirm that you have your prop-rpm at maximum when you set it to the runway, otherwise the engines will be turned off and spool down.

  • Already now the first voices say the Dash is to difficult to fly. For me I'm really happy there is an aircraft with deep system simulation and cold&dark function. Thank you IPACS. Thank you for your tireless effort on this great fligth simulator. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    The pilots are different and someone want to fly simple, the others want to fly very realistics. May be to satisfy both types, an aircraft could have two modes, arcade und realistic mode. Alternative good tutorials will help the unexperienced pilots to discover the new complex machine. I promise, you will be proud of you when you are able to use all the mystery knobs well . ;):):):):)

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    Well, it close enough to use the majestic tutorials that are freely available.


    That's exactly what I'm thinking. The A320 and B747 from Aerosoft, Flight sim labs and PMDG are working almost identically to our updated version, so their tutorials and plenty of the videos out there, even the videos for the real world aircraft are suitable

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    Well in the end we model the same aircraft. It has to look similar otherwise either of us wouldn't have done a good job. But no this model is made by our own talented people. I think our textures are actually in higher resolution at least the end result looks to be in higher quality. They look close but not that close and to my knowledge the Majestic Q400 model was not licensed or used. The entire model was created with our own tools and own references, e.g. cockpit photos.

    The identical registration numbers might be in memory of the good old Majestic Q400 but it could also just be that similar internet photos were used in the creation of this model. I wouldn't read too much into it.