Where is the sample TSC file suggested in the tutorial wiki?

  • I was trying to add an airport to the GeoConvert scenery. According to the tutorial wiki: "It's best to work off of a sample template for this. The TSC file is what tells Aerofly FS2 where to place the runways for your airport." https://www.aerofly.com/aerofl…php/sdk:scenery_creation3

    But I can't find a sample TSC file. I am also a bit puzzled about what the "main coordinate" means. The wiki says " main coordinate can be the main building, the center of runway or just the tower of the airport." But later it says "We need 3 more points: The tower position, the beginning and end of at least one runway."

    Can I use the center of the airport terminal as the main coordinate? If I use the tower of the airport as the main coordinate, how can I use the tower position again as required?

    If the sample TSC file is not included, can anyone share one of his own? Thanks in advance!

  • Frui,

    the sample file is currently missing. We will add this shortly.

    For the moment take a .TSC from ...\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places and any subfolder or use the attached file (ups, didn't test this one). ;)

    You can actually use the tower as main coordinate and the same coordinate for the tower building as well.

    Since we will go on with an airport workshop, you should already use an easy recognizable point in your image.

    This will become important to georeference the 3D graphics.



  • Thank you so much Rodeo! I have already created the airport successfully with your help. It's just so simple!