I thought I would give the new A320 Flight Tutorial a try - the one from Steam

  • Yes, well, my bad, I guess. Sorry. In my enthusiasm I forgot that I know the Airbus for years already... up to now I couldn't really use that knowledge in Aerofly but now I can! I simply forgot that for people who are new to the Airbus things aren't that simple. I was a bit too enthusiastic

    here. A proper and extended tutorial would be best for all indeed.


    Maybe I will write a basic but complete 'tutorial' this weekend after all, which people can use while awaiting the official tutorial. Basic meaning it will contain only the mandatory steps needed to get things going in this particular Airbus, starting from a position on a parking spot.

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  • Excellent. Thanks, J van E. I don't think anyone was born with the knowledge needed to properly fly an A 320 in the flight sims. Everyone needs that initial training, especially those like me that come from the Boeing camp.



  • I am working at it right now: the part up to the cruising phase is done and now I have to go shopping. ;) This afternoon and evening I will try to finish it and then I will edit it to make it as short but clear as possible. ;) Stay tuned. I will post this hopefully this evening and if not tomorrow.