Spaghetti Airways landing at Innsbruck Airbus A320 - Aerofly FS 2

  • A video by Meggie X-OUT

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  • Hahaha, when I read the post, I thought it was another user repaint that was released!. Good one!.

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  • Perfect landing, as it should be, IMO. :) Straight ahead exactly on the center line, the nose lightly lifted, the nose gear not too long in the air. I like it. :thumbup:

    There are a lot of FS videos which show bad landing, not hitting and holding the center line (me too, some times :(). Terrible! When watching landings on a real airport, almost each landing is good. We should do it better. ;):):):)

  • Agreed, the Youtube video is a nice landing but I've actually seen even better ones. Even experienced the "perfect landing" in fully loaded A320 coming back from the holidays. The pilot did a quick flare the V/S at touch down was virtually zero and you could just see the spoilers extending but there was not the slightest bump in the initial touch down. And he was on the ground very quickly, it was just the perfect flare, no space wasted but very very soft. Had not had a landing that came any close in the other 20 flights as a passenger after that. Even I applauded this landing ha, what a great memory.

    Btw, how do you like the fully automated landing of the A320? That can be quite soft as well, but maybe it flares for too long...

  • Autolands in the new Airbuses are usually quite rought. I guess as "soft" as 200fpm can easily happen ( ? ), and that can be a pita for the pax :-)

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  • Autolands in the new Airbuses are usually quite rought. I guess as "soft" as 200fpm can easily happen ( ? ), and that can be a pita for the pax :-)

    Huh... what airport are you approaching? (Some have steeper glide slopes than others, may throw it off a little)

    I've seen a real world fully automatic A330 landing where you can actually hear the breathing of the pilots stop as the nose gear rams into the ground. Ouch.

    Here is the link: