Question for Real Life Airbus driver(s) ( bbrz ? ) ...

  • bbrz, and others who may qualify :)

    I have a question for you :)

    I am a glider pilot, for decades... Some of my fellow glider pilots are actually Airbus captains, and in 1980 got their glider licenses with me...

    I keep asking them about the feel of some simulations and add-ons, and have had myself the chance for 2 Full Flightsim sessions, one of them lasting more than 1 hr! at Air Portugal training Centre.

    I have used pretty much every flight simulator you can name ( pc-based ) and airbus add-ons, but none ever gave me the feel of true inertia that the real Airbuses ( A320 since that's the one simulated in the Thales and the Sutherland full LevelD flightsims I tried ) and flying in the jumpseats of various A319 / 20 /21s provided me with... well, none gave me a closer to reality sensation as the IPACS A320 provides.

    Since I believe you have hands-on real life experience on the type, I would really like to get your feedback here.

    Main Simulation Rig:

    Ryzen 5600x, 32GB RAM, Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti, 1 TB & 500 GB M.2 nvme drives, Win11.

    Lenovo TB310FU 9,5" Tablet for Navigraph and some available external FMCs or AVITABs

  • The A320 is actually a bad example because neither Blackbox nor Aerosoft, FSlabs, or Flightdeck A32x managed to simulate the FBW system correctly (can't e.g. remember the Aerofly version concerning flight path stability).

    The Aerofly FBW of the A320 is work in progress. I plan to implement the C* law and improve the protections. I've actually found a nice real world video of a fly by wire demonstration which shows off the handling qualities. I hope that I will be able to replicate the fly by wire and get it to a point where it could exceed the implementations you mentioned. We'll see.