Using AEFS2 as a "World display"...

  • My other civilian sim is Aerowinx PSX, the 747-400 flight simulator.

    There have long been bridges between PSX and both MSFS / P3d and X-Plane ( example using X-Plane 11 ). These allow for users with multiple displays and PCs, or even with a single PC and display, to run PSX and use the other sim platform to render the World, feeding it with positional data, and using a Boeing 747 cockpit / external 3d model from the "visualization sim"...

    I wonder if this would be possible using AEFS2 ?

    .) Could it be done using a single display, by assigning half of the screen to run AEFS2 in windowed mode ? Or would we have to use a separate display for AEFS2 ?

    .) Is AEFS2 ready to have it's positional variables injected / written by another application, on the same PC or through a network ?

    Using AEFS2 for display would be great, given it's smoothness and graphical quality.

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  • Both of your inquires are possible already in Aerofly FS2.

    You can set up your configuration onto multiple monitors, and Aerofly has a setting to output positional data onto another device using a local network. Please take a look at our Wiki HERE

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  • Hi Jeff,

    Through your Wiki, I notice that AFS2 broadcast tcp messages as a master to slave other external apps.

    The subject here is use it in inverse way:

    PSX (747 professional simulator) as the broadcaster tcp/ip server and AFS2 as the slave and receiver of the messages with position and direction of the aircraft. In a way that I will fly in the PSX and use the AFS2 as external visuals engine synced with the position of the aircraft in the PSX. If not, can it be possible in future?

    Exist many projects to put PSX as master with FSX/P3D/XP10/11 as slave for external visuals, will be great to have the same with AFS2.