Landing Gear retaction issue with latest SDK

  • Good day

    I have just dowloaded the latest SDK and aicraft converter.
    The DR400 works fine - no issue.
    Then I have tried to convert my MB-326 - restarting from the MB-339 .tmd files...

    ...ALMOST everything seems to work, but I have an issue: the landing gear now retracts automatically (even with the aircraft on the ground) - and stays retracted.

    I could not find the reason why of this behavior.

    Also, is there somewhere a list of the changes in the latest aircraft converter?


  • I think this has nothing to do with the aircraft converter but rather about the changes made to the tmd files.

    Those are mainly changes like the logic objects:



                <[string8][Inputs][ A.Output B.Output ]>

    For example your landing gear probably has a logic_or for: GearInput.Output OR OnGrounSensor.Output

    You need to change this.

    On top of this the jointmulti object has been renamed to "multibody_joint" and its "Axis" has been renamed to "X0" and its "Position" to "R0". And there is no longer a need for another jointlinear to create a torque on the jointmulti axis.

    There are also other changes

    added logic_xor

    added logic_range

    added adjustable_mapping

    added inverse

    added square_root

    added input_button_rocker

    added detent_lever

    added pressure_setting

    added flight_path_vector

    added a320_flap_selector

    added governor2

    added turboshaft_fadec

    added flight_management_system

    changed logic_or, logic_and, sum and product to input lists (Input0 and Input1 have been merged to one line: "Inputs")

    changed auto_spoiler arm logic to support button input

    changed auto_brake input logic for rejected takeoff position and added warning output

    renamed jointmulti -> multibody_joint

    jointmulti.Axis -> multibody_joint.X0

    jointmulti.Position -> multibody_joint.R0

    added InputLock ? to multibody_joint

    added InputPosition to multibody_joint (remove control joints)

    I hope this solves your issue with the landing gear.