Poor flight dynamics on the swift

  • Dear,

    I am a real life glider aerobatic pilot, and I was looking for a good simulation for training purposes.

    But when I gave aeroflyFS2 my first go yesterday I was kind off dissapointed, the rudder output during hammerheads is too less.
    When doing tail slides the plane really becomes unpredictable and will do some weird stuff. Flick rolls are to slow. The swift in real life is just really unstable and you guys made it a carrier.

    Also I am really dissapointed that there's no way to get the swift in the air without using the location menu, there's no winch like there was in the previous version, and also there's no aerotowing(which is prefered for the swift , winching is not an option)

    Am I the only one who is experiencing this?

    kind regards.