Big thanks to drhotwing

  • With the release of so many Flt Simulator products on the market now, it makes it very hard for pensioners and other Flt Sim lovers to decide which to Flt Sim to run with.

    I have made up my mind and I've put my faith in FTX but in particular with Aerofly FS2. Along with VR (which I don't have yet but will) the improvement in VR technology will go ahead at a fast rate with improvements being made all the time now.

    To get to the point, I would like to thank drhotwing. He has kept this site ticking over like a well oiled machine. If you look through the posts he is answering a wide field of questions, as well as adding comments to Blogs and so it goes on.

    Because of drhotwing , and a few others, who are also helping to make forum interesting and up to date, that I decided to run with this Sim.

    Regards to all

    Taranakian (Jim)

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    Hi Jim,

    I want to extend a very big thank you, very kind words. But, I have to say that this is truly a team effort and every person on this team works very hard. A team that truly cares more about giving the community a great flight simulator than making a ton of money with sales. There is a ton of passion and pride here in what everyone does and I'm honored to be a part of it.

    Take a look at the team here; you have two doctors (Torsten and Marc) coding, this is their baby, you have a very talented aircraft setup team in Jan and Andreas, both pilots, you have a highly qualified 3D modeler with Michael, and I have an MBA and BS in Computer Science. I'm also currently a CIO for the past 27 years (ready for retirement) and work for IPACS basically as a second job. I also hold a MEI rating commercial pilot.

    We all care very much to make this succeed.

    IPACS Development Team Member

    I'm just a cook, I don't own the restaurant.
    On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.



  • Thank you Jeff for explaining the team who work so hard. They have certainly entertained me and what they have completed thus far, I'll give them all the support they deserve.



    Computer: PB Gaming 62000 Skylake Core i5 6600, Quad Core 3.3Ghz with Premium Cooling, 16GB DDR4 Gaming Ram, 250GB SSD, 2TB HHD, N'VIDEA GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5, DIRECTX12 Gaming Graphic's Card, VR Ready, Windows10 Home Edition, 64bit, 2 x 24" Widescreen HDMI 1080p VDU's

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  • Jim, you have taken many words out of my mouth, I too am retired and have been cautiously monitoring all four 64bit Fsims all year now, to the point that I did not know which way to go for a while. Then in an enlightened moment I decided to go with Aerofly FS2.

    I completely removed all traces of FSX:SE on my 500Gb SSD and installed nearly all of FS2 in one go (160+ Gb) including purchasing the upgrade path via OrbxDirect for LOWI (thank you Jarrod, this was the clincher and proof of concept for me).

    Over the last three days I have flown in US SE,NE and CH in many of the default Aircraft and had a ball. For me coming onboard at this point in time was just right. System depth in some aircraft are stating to get there. Still a long way to go but what has been done to now is very good and enjoyable. And the best news is my System doesn't need an upgrade (straight away anyway). Not so with the other sims I looked into.

    So can I add to Jim's compliments to Jeff, Jan, Torsten, Marc and all the others. Health and brain permitting I will be with you for the long haul flight.

    Cheers Anton.

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  • These are very nice words Taranakian!

    And I fully agree. Aerofly FS2 and IPACS is fully responsible for reviving my interest and love for flightsims. The last (fsx) I played is more then 10 years ago and I was actually really bad at it.

    This sim let's me playfully enjoy and learn at the same time. It's wonderfull.

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    Hi guys and welcome to the Aerofly FS 2 community,

    I can only agree, thank you Jeff for doing such an amazing work, not only here in the Forums but also in the Steam Community, the Wiki and so on. He is so fast in his responses and knows the answer almost all of the time.

    Big shout out to all of our team members, especially the ones that we don't hear about everyday, the excellent 3D modelers Dietmar and Joachim as well as our talented airport designers Stefan, Michael and Dietmar (again :) )

    And also thanks to you Rodeo for helping the users with your own knowledge through experience and testing.

    As Jeff says it often:

    It is only getting better from here. We know there is a lot todo for us and we're going to tackle it step by step.

    If you're not totally happy with the system depth yet, Andreas and I are working as fast ans precise as possible. In the mean time you can still have your other sims installed, no one asks you to give them up, you can still enjoy what they offer. Especially when it comes to study level add on aircraft and high detail scenery. Remember that if you purchase an add-on for the other sims you will help external developer teams to grow and be able to afford looking into another platform like Aerofly. Each €, $ or £ you invest helps the flight simulation industry to grow. These are very good times for anyone who is starting with flight simulation. You can purchase as many sims as you like and use each one for it's own advantage.

    Aerofly, in my opinion, just happens to be the best performing and best looking sim out there, that gives the best VR performance and experience and for beginners and intermediate users this sim has a lot to offer, even in terms of system depth. I also think the aircraft selection is chosen well and cover a lot of aircraft types, the user interface is quite unique, simple looking yet very powerful. Thank you guys for supporting us through this endeavor!

  • Dear aerofly FS2 pilots,

    many many thanks for your heart-warming words!

    I can tell you, that the IPACS team is aware of the forum activities and they will be delighted about your positive feedback.

    There are still many interesting and big topics to come for aerofly FS2. So let us do this journey of evolution together.



  • Yes.. great job Jeff!

    It's obvious that this is a small team but what a great one it is.

    I found your product because I'm very active on the ORBX forum, a lot of my video ended up on their product page.

    When JV started up the "Project A" thread It took a wile that he told us that it was about joining AF2. I bought it before their release of LOWI and Megs's and I had a blast.

    If you guys ever need a beta tester :P


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