Geoconvert tool help

  • Hi. Just have a couple of questions regarding the cool geoconvert tool. I have some really good . Tif files of my local area 345gig in total. I have started converting them using geoconvert and it works great but I'm limited to only converting a small amount between 50-100 . Tifs at a time or else it crashes trying to convert entire Tif folder. I tried one or two to start with and they worked really well in aerofly fs 2. But the issue I'm having is each time I do a batch of conversions the next batch has same name and overwrites the previous lot. I changed the configuration file to not overwrite and now does not seem to generate any new ttc files in my images folder? Am I doing something wrong or is no one else had this issue yet. Can I possibly rename each batch differently so they don't get overwritten? I have 3800 Tif files to convert and it takes about 24hours to convert 100 Tifs at level 13 detail... I prefer level 14 but takes much longer.

    I may do them in level 14 another time once I have area to fly in, in the meantime. So I don't want to convert anymore until I can sort this issue with the file names and overwriting. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • If you copy the completed files (ttc) to a unique folder, then copy the next converted batch to another unique folder, and so forth until you are done, you will not have any duplicates. Copy all the completed folders as individiual folders to your AeroflyFS2/scenery/images folder and they all should show your total user scenery project.

    Just use a good folder naming convention so you will know what scenery is in each folder. The file names will tell you what level you converted to, i.e. 13.