Coordinates for geoconvert

  • Hi,

    I am still having trouble understanding how this tool works. Why does it need coordinates for top left and bottom right of the image? Isn't top left enough information for the placement of a tif file. I know when i converted my tifs of my local area to FSX and P3d it worked simple as with a simple bat file. For some reason trying to do this with geoconvert it requires exact coordinates for each corner so if i'm doing an unusual shaped area of my local area that's cover with the tifs i have i have to select a top left coordinate that will take in all the images i'm trying to convert and a bottom left that basically creates a virtual tile that encompasses the whole lot i'm converting. But this is a waste of time as i have found it takes a long time and creates black squares where i have no tifs for? Not to mention it creates nearly double the tiles it needs as these are the black ones where i don't have tifs for. So it takes forever to convert. I have 3800 tifs to convert for my local area so i'm trying to find an efficient method to convert short of having to input the coordinates of top left and bottom right of every single 3800 tifs. Not to mention id have to make 3800 folders under scenery/images since it wont keep adding to the naming system as i've found out. Anyone got any ideas or am i dreaming of doing something this tool cant handle. Cheers

  • A TIF needs a Coordinate file with just the top left coordinate and the pixel resolution, nothing else.

    Geoconvert needs a top left and a bottom right corner to define an area, this should be clear.

    Geoconvert does not create black tiles, when there are no images available.

    You should not try to convert TIF by TIF separately. Most probably Geoconvert will not work with 3800 images in a single Batch. But without more information about image sizes..., nobody can tell.