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    We intend to release Lukla on Steam next week. We strongly discouraged manually copying files around.

    We planen Lukla nächste Woche auf Steam zu veröffentlichen. We raten dringend davon ab manuell Szeneriedateien zu kopieren.

    We are trying to publish tThe Steam version of Aerosoft LUKLA in roughly 2-3 weeks. At the same time we will also update our DVD version to the same version as the STEAM version. Due to the large code changes, we want to do a good and thorough testing before we release it to everybody.

    Wrog : Ok, we can confirm its an issue on our side, e.g. the buildings not showing up is a bug. We intend to fix this issue around mid June as we want to update two airplanes as well. We apologise for this and please be a little bit more patient.

    The 'old' interface was developed to give external applications the possibility to display flight data, e.g. initially for example for applications like FSWidgets ( even though we have native support now ) or to drive gauges.

    Again, we are aware of this issue and we are working on a solution.

    This doesn't look right. Can you tell us your exact iPad model numer and iOS version, please be as detailed as possible!

    Please no speculations here. We will bring back motion support, we have stated this in other threads before. But before doing this, we want to finish the new interface first together with a few partners. Sorry we have no timeline for this right now, we will keep you updated.

    The DLL solution people previously used was never ment for being used for this purpose, therefor we are working on a dedicated interface here. Also some of the available solutions broke our actual VR implementation by not being 100% sync to what Aerofly FS was rendering, so there is clearly the need to work on a dedicated interface and not through 3rd party DLL solutions.

    We never mentioned motion platform support will not be available publicly. The current interface used for motion platforms was never intended for this purpose so we are working on a new and clean interface specifically for this. The use of external DLLs to drive and change VR orientation as well will also cause issues in the future as well, so we need to provide another interface here also.

    Do you have an iMac with 5K display? This is actually the only configuration where one might actually need a bigger font. We will observe further user feedback in the future regarding this and if it's indeed something requested by many users, we will try to increase it.

    But since Aerofly RC is doing all menu rendering itself, it's not an easy task.

    The iPad 2017 is at least 2 times faster than the iPad Air 2. We tried our best to support as many iOS devices as possible, but due to the new hardware demands of Aerofly FS 2019 we had to abandon a few devices, sorry for this.

    As TomC mentioned most helicopters in Aerofly RC 8 are set up with a governor mode (e.g. they try to maintain a constant RPM), so they should hardly change RPM only if extreme manoeuvres are flown.

    J van E wrote: This will also mean that with a few TE regions installed plus some more IPACS DLC we will be looking at loading times that really takes a few minutes...

    No, this is simply not true. With all TSC files installed, our loading time is roughly 5-10 seconds. So it must be something else on your system. Again SSD vs HD makes a huge difference here and unfortunately Windows Defender sometimes slows down file accesses as well.

    However, we have no control over user TSC files, so we can't say if they did something that causes this big delay.

    If you want absolutly no tearing you need to enable VSYNC in Aerofly FS. If your computer can hold the frames steady over 60 HZ, you should not see any tearing.

    Do not tweak anything in the 3D driver, set everything to default.