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    @TomSimMuc: Passenger bridges are a little special because they are assembled from many parts to allow various combinations. At this point they cannot be set by using the cultivation files because you need to apply other transformations to those objects than are available in the cultivation file. Our designers use 3D modelling software to do this, we need to check and see what we can do to make them usable in cultivation files, we might have to add some 'presets' to make it feasable for this purpose.

    What iOS device are you using? What is the AppStore reporting? Sometimes it might help to turn off and back on your iOS device and try again. Don't worry, the AppStore does not allow you to purchase an app twice.

    FS2020 basically contains the same data and features as FS2019, but of course offers a new airplane and new regions. We only moved out a few aerial images due to app sizes. But we might consider a free InApp download once FS 2020 is released that offers even more higher resolution images. But it was our intention to keep the base app below 4 GB.

    We will expand the region of Aerofly FS mobile to the east, e.g. NV, UT and CO. Of course we are working on PNW ( OR, WA ) as well, but it was our intention to keep the app size below 4 GB for the next version. We can of course offer InApp downloads ( free or paid ) but we personally don't like InApp's as well. The new iOS devices are extremely powerful so in theory we could add a lot more detail, but the limited storage is something we always need to consider.

    Our update cycles in the mobile market are currently quicker compared to the desktop version. This has various reasons, one of them is the fact that the power of mobile devices is growing faster than it does on desktop computers so each year we can add more stuff to the mobile version, but this only works when creating a new version and removing support for older devices. When we mention FS 2020 then it's our version number we attach to Aerofly FS for the mobile version not a name by itself.

    We also do not prioritise mobile over desktop, we support both markets.

    As for the next mobile version we will add the 777 of course, quite a few enhancements with respect to system depth in many airplanes as well as adding quite a bit more airports compared to FS 2019.

    @TomSimMuc: We added a new feature for cultivation buildings to use the z value of the position as an optional height offset. Unfortunately all z values in some add-on sceneries have this set to the absolute height even though auto_height true is used. We fixed this in the latest beta to only use the z value if an optional bool value in the tsc file is set to true:

    1. <[bool][use_height_offset][true]>

    In the tmsimulator_scenery_cultivation block of a tsc file.

    We usually do not have a changelog for our beta channel, since some of the stuff is highly experimental ( and probably because we are lazy ).

    The latest updates in the Beta channel addressed some auto height issues in cultivation files and we also did some changes in the Vulkan renderer. Besides that no new features were added.

    The XREF system is currently being updated. Once we have again reached a stable state, we will publish a list of available XREF objects hopefully with some images. Please understand however, we are currently working on this, so it doesn't make sense to publish information yet as we just change too much right now.

    We are not holding back anything here it's just limited time that we haven't yet published more information.

    Generell ist das 3D Gefuehl in unseren 4D Szenerien besser als in den Fotoszenerien. In den Fotoszenerien hat man manchmal den Eindruck das Flugzeug zu schnell klein wird oder anders herum, es ist hier sehr schwer das virtuelle 3D Gitter korrekt anzupassen. Wir empfehlen fuer VR insofern die 4D Szenerien.

    Thomas78 : Die AMD Karten werden von uns zu 100% sowohl mit OpenGL als auch Vulkan unterstuetzt, wobei Vulkan bei AMD Karten deutlich schneller laeuft. Die Artefakte sind aber komisch, gibt es hierzu Screenshots? Bitte unbedingt auch sicherstellen, dass der aktuelle AMD Treiber und die aktuelle Aerofly FS Version installiert sind.

    spudwa : We use AMD and NVIDIA for internal testing, however we use more NVIDIA cards, so we have more experience here. Anyway, you can't do anything wrong if you get one of the latest NVIDIA or AMD cards, even though NVIDIA cards tend to have more stable drivers.