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    As we mentioned previously we will update our products on an irregular basis and we do not tell any release dates. We are not sure, why some user think that a 'big update' is coming. As we stated previously as well, we are working on multiple new things and will publish updates whenever they are ready.

    Thank you for all the comments here. Aerofly FS has especially been developed with ease of use, fast operation but yet very detailed and accurate flight dynamics.

    We respect all opinions here, but some points need clarifications as there are simply not reflecting the truth. Stating the R22 has a cut down flight model is simply wrong. The R22 in its current state has been approved by many ( yes many ! ) R22 pilots as flying just like the real one and we are currently certifying the R22 to be used as a professional flying model. The same holds true for the EC 135 as well. The crash modelling is not be be mixed up with realism. Adding a proper crash simulation is very hard but it doesn't mean the flight dynamics are bad.

    Aerofly FS has always been designed such that you don't need numerous addons, tweaks and whatever to get it running smoothly and part of the good performance is especially due to this.

    And we are working on great new stuff as well, development hasn't stopped it's rather the opposite.

    Patrick: A 2 GB VRAM GPU is not ideal for Aerofly FS with Vulkan renderer. Once we hit the 2 GB GPU limit all kind of 'funny' things can happen. We don't have a similar hardware yet, so we can't tune Aerofly FS to this dedicated scenario.

    madpat: What GPU do you use and please post tm.log. It looks like the glitches come from a bad synchronisation when we update the scenery mesh. Ensure you update your 3D driver to the latest version.

    qwerty42: We have not checked Aerofly FS with the Quest devices and our Vulkan renderer, we recommend to use OpenGL in this case.

    This nice work fails in Vulkan since there are polygons that have a texture assigned, but have no texture coordinates. The mesh simply won't look properly. Aerofly FS doesn't do those checks during runtime, since the Aerofly FS Content Converter tool usually catches those issues. Since we have no control over how this airport is modelled, we can't do much here to fix the issue besides mentioning, that the mesh itself is broken.

    This update mainly adressed issues when using integrated GPUs. Besides that there should be less stuttering when loading/unloading new airports while flying.

    Please keep in mind we usually do not test with user addon sceneries, there are simply too many. To check if those sceneries are causing issues, start Aerofly FS without any user content ( this is a special start option from within the Steam client ).

    To further pin down the problem we would like to get some more information.

    Could anybody with this issue please tell us again your iOS and/or Android version and if you have configured your iPhone to use characters from the japanese or chinese language? We doubt this is causing an issue, but we never know.

    If your Intel HD graphic card supports Metal, then you should be fine. According to the Apple documents, this should be the case. We also recommend to use the latest Mac OS for best support.

    Pretty much all photo sceneries should run fine, some of the more complex 4D sceneries 'might' be a little too much, but nonetheless, RC 8 should run smooth.

    The log file looks fine. But could you please enable 'Automatic graphics switching' as a test?

    Since when did you observe the low frame rate with Aerofly RC 7? Did it happen after updating Mac OS?

    Please try to be as detailed as possible!

    Phil, please send us the tm.log file as per instructions here. It could be that only your internal GPU is used and not your dedicated Radeon. We would also like to point out that RC 7 uses OpenGL which is unfortunately deprecated in newer Mac OS versions. For this we have release RC 8 that uses the modern Metal graphics API.