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    Eduardo190: In Aerofly FS the lighting has an effect on all objects including the airplane itself and also works during daylight to achieve the best visual effects. Aerofly FS on mobile can support around 512 simultaneous lights either from the airplane or the airport. This fact together with the fact that complex airplanes in Aerofly FS feature over 300000 polygons require some very complex shaders ( Some of our shaders feature more than 150 lines of code ). It's those shaders that are not being executed or compiled properly on Android, and to repeat it again, no matter how powerful your device is, it's a GPU driver issue. And like stated before, we are still working on it, so we might find a solution for Android some day.

    Please keep in mind that other products simulate certain lighting effects in a simplified manner. This could in theory be added to Aerofly FS as well, but it would actually slow down development as we would have to implement those special solutions on the different platforms. That's why we have decided against it.

    Dear Aerofly FS mobile users,

    here is a short overview and preview of the next planned updates in the coming weeks for iOS and Android:

    - US sceneries are currently converted to the new format and we are doing some internal testing already. Closed beta testing is planned for next week. Once completed, we intend to offer the western states in an upcoming update as an In-App purchase, but at a low price. The main reason, is that we need to finance the huge amount of data that needs to be downloaded. Keep in mind, storage requirements are further increased by around 4 to 5 extra GB so if you download everyhting for Aerofly FS 2022, you now need over 20 GB of free space on your device.

    - 3D buildings around european airports are also currently being evaluated. The main issue is the increased requirement with respect to memory, not primarily storage. Since we are already using 1 to 1.5 GB of RAM, we are hitting a critical limit here, as iOS already closes Aerofly FS once we exceed this limit even on devices with 3 GB of RAM. So we need to further investigate this.

    - We are still working on the night lighting on Android. But our new solution is unfortunately not working on OpenGL for unknown reasons on quite a few devices, even modern and powerful ones. The Vulkan version works, but again, Vulkan support and GPU driver stability is just not good on Android. In 5 out of 10 devices we observe severe GPU drivers issues when using Vulkan. We can't offer this rendering option therefor and need to stick to OpenGL. So at this point we can't promise anything regarding night lighting on Android.

    This again is an update on what is planned on a short term basis, we are of course working as usual on more airplanes, helicopters, regions and features but would not like to communicate too much here right now.

    Regarding 'The beacons(A320,A380)dont iluminate the ground.Can you fix it?':

    Could you give us an exact scenario where this happens? It works fine on our side and we didn't change anything here compared to the initial release.

    @Gabriel Aerofly best SIM: Android and iOS are treated the same, the updates are published with around 7 days difference. Keep in mind before last iOS update, the Android version was more current. We will publish another update for Android next week.

    @Kmassie92: Please exit all running apps on your iPad and ensure no other power or memory consuming apps are active in the background. After exiting all apps, turn off iPad and then back on. Also ensure you have set the Cumulus cloud density not over 50%. Besides that there seems to exist an issue with the Cumulus cloud on a few devices which we were able to reproduce. This will be fixed next week once we have a workaround. So to be 100% sure on your side, disable Cumulus clouds for now.

    We said it many times, but just for the record: The current solution on how we implement lights that illuminate the surrounding is not compatible with Android due to buggy drivers or incomplete implementations of either OpenGL or Vulkan, it doesn't matter how good your phone is, and it's also not our fault.

    We are currently testing an alternative way, but need to do more testing until we can release it.

    All current beta testers, please stay on the beta channel, we will publish a new version soon.

    @DopeStuff: Could you tell us more details please? Operating system, version? When you need to download 4 GB of data you need at least 8 GB of data or the download won't continue. Both iOS and Android need that much free memory.

    DICE: This issue is caused by the so called 'Z-depth fighting' issue if the resolution of the depth buffer on the device is not sufficient enough to distinguish between those parts in the distance. It seems like your device does not support a 32 bit depth buffer in this case.

    Please be careful with those 'hacks'. All older US sceneries are not optimized for the new FS 2022 version and might have a performance impact. Please be also aware that we cannot support you, once you have installed those older sceneries.

    As mentioned before, we are working on converting the USA sceneries to the new FS 2022 format, both for iOS and Android.

    Eduardo190: In the first release we will not include the dynamic lighting due to too many issues on the various devices. We might consider it in a future update but need to find a compatible solution first.

    We will take a look at the black windsocks right after christmas, please give our team a few days off and enjoy the new black painted ones.

    Just a quick note: We published another small update before Christmas that addressed some minor issues reported here.

    We restored the visibility of cockpit elements while in outside view. This is a little experimental on slower devices, so please report back here if you are happy with it or if you encounter issues.

    Also some advanced users that used to be in EU members reported low cloud coverage. For medium and fast iOS devices we increased the cloud visibility distance and increased the density as well. This will reduce the frame rate if high density settings are enabled, but we hope you can live with the lower FPS compared to the overall better cloud impression.