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    The issue mentioned by Antoine is not a bug, it's just that Aerofly FS conceptually does not consider individual TSC files at the same location, e.g. autoheight will only work if XREF objects, 3D runway meshes and other stuff is defined in a single TSC file otherwise we would have to implement a priority system which is not a clean solution.

    So as a short answer: Please define 3D runway meshes, XREF objects and all other 3D objects using auto height in a single TSC file.

    The intend to add an XREF height offset to properly position cars on 3D buildings is something we don't really like. It should be a feature of our engine itself to properly stack 3D objects on other 3D objects but the actual procedure for doing this is very complicated, so that's why we didn't implement it yet.

    Anyway, we have two issues here, one is the correct placement of cars on buildings which would right now indeed require an offset. The other issue of hovering objects seems to be something else.

    Let us check internally if we can 'activate' the XREF height offset quickly without breaking existing scenery. We would upload this update to the beta channel. If we could get a quick feedback, we would appreciate it. We should have this ready within the next 1-2 days.

    Could we also get a 'copy' of the airport with hovering objects? If possible we just need a small sample that shows the issue. Please send details with a download link to mail(at)

    @AeroflyFS_Fan: Modern C++ is a very effective language now and many tasks can be created in the same time as other programming languages. Your statement would have been true 10 years ago. Especially the displays for all airplanes can be programmed very elegantly.

    Also wenn die Ruckler auch ohne VR aktiv sind, hilft dann der Safe Mode? D.h. den Aerofly FS 2 direkt aus Steam heraus mit der neuen Option 'safe mode' starten, dafür haben wir bei der aktuellen Version ja eine Extra Startoption hinzugefügt. Wenn dann immer noch solche extremen Ruckler zu sehen sind, liegt entweder ein Treiberproblem vor oder es ist im Hintergrund eine Software aktiv, die den Aerofly FS 2 stört.

    In diesem Zusammenhang bitte auch noch einmal genau überlegen, was an dem System vor 3-4 Wochen gemacht wurde. Neue Software installiert? Windows update?

    Also wir haben nahezu das gleiche Setup ( RTX 2060, Ryzen 7, 16 GB Ram und Oculus ) und haben VR mit all moeglichen Einstellungen ohne Probleme am laufen. Da gibt es keine Ruckler oder schwarze Bilder. Insofern ist es schwierig zu sehen was die Ursache ist.

    Sind diese Ruckler auch zu sehen, wenn man ueber voellig leerem Terrain fliegt?

    Wie genau aeussern sich die Ruckler? Wie sehen diese 'schwarzen' Stellen aus?

    Treten die Probleme nur in VR auf?

    Tritt das Problem in VR auch auf, wenn Aerofly FS im VR Modus mit dem Safe Mode gestartet wird? Dazu den Aerofly FS wie folgt starten, z.B. durch eine temporaere Batch Datei:

    ./aerofly_fs_2.exe -safemode -othervr'

    Die Gruende koennen vielschichtig sein. Unbedingt jedwede App die im Hintergrund laeuft beenden und am besten alle Treibereinstellungen komplett auf Default lassen.

    Die tm.log und die main.mcf passen nicht zu unserer letzten aktuellen Version. Bitte via Steam den Aerofly FS 2 auf den aktuellsten Stand bringen und uns dann noch einmal tm.log und main.mcf zukommen lassen. Wieviel Arbeitsspeicher ist auf der NVIDIA Karte?

    Tomfa : All of our stock airplanes should have their pilot heads, if not, please report it to us. As for user created airplanes, the designers need to modify their TMD files to put back the head to where it belongs. Just to summarise: The last two updates we have published fix two small issues we had with the Vulkan renderer. Besides that the update introduced the possibility to show the pilot body without head in VR as requested by a few users. It's a hidden config option for now until all user created airplanes have been updated.

    @TomB: Sorry, the correct parameter to activate the 'Safe Mode' is -safemode and not -safe-mode. So to start Aerofly FS 2 in VR and in Safe mode call the Aerofly FS 2 executable with the following parameters:

    'aerofly_fs_2.exe -othervr -safemode'

    Again, the safe mode is only ment to check if external DLLs or user sceneries might cause issues with Aerofly FS 2.

    skubi007 : Der Safemodus ist auch fuer VR, wie oben erwaehnt. Desweiteren gab es unsererseits gestern ein Update damit die Features in VR wieder tun, also bitte keine Unterstellungen. Wieso es bei Dir hakt und stockt ist unklar. Wir empfehlen hierfuer bitte einen separaten Thread mit detaillierter Erklaerung zur Hardware und den Einstellungen.

    @gonzo84: Vulkan in general should run much smoother than OpenGL. However if you exceed the available GPU memory, our Vulkan renderer might be slower. It really depends on your GPU and Aerofly FS settings if you should use Vulkan or not. In general do not use Ultra or Insane quality settings if you have <= 4GB of RAM on the GPU, especially when using VR.

    drassaud : The update we released should not fix the issue on your side. It's something else that's causing it, but it's difficult for us to really pin down the cause. The new update has a safe mode option. If you run Aerofly FS 2 with the options '-othervr -safe-mode', then no external DLLs or user sceneries are loaded. You can check if you still have issues then.

    @astute: We removed the features in VR as we thought nobody would use it. We will reactivate it again with the next update.