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    Please be more patient. We will publish more stuff, but rather to the end of the year. We will reserve the right however to come out with smaller updates until then, but nothing planned.

    Thank you for postings. But please no competitor bashing or discussions here in our forum.

    Like we mentioned before we will of course improve Aerofly FS in the future, so expect more detail and more realism with each version that comes out. But we also have to be careful to always ensure Aerofly FS runs smooth on all supported devices. We already have lots of new stuff in our pipeline, like new regions, new and improved aircraft and many other things. So expect to see quite a lot of stuff in the future. But a lot of this stuff requires increased system hardware requirements ( no problem for desktop computers ) but on mobile this means we either have to drop some devices or ( more complicated ) run Aerofly FS in different versions.

    @IZ0JUB: Please send us your tm.log of Aerofly FS with 3rd party content disabled like you did and after you observe the frame stuttering. If possible send it via email to mail(at)

    Fares, Aerofly FS 2021 still has very high demands on slower iOS devices, so we need to be extremely careful here on what features we enable or not. We will do our best to achieve a good balance between high quality vs. high performance. Keep in mind that many users with the same devices as you have experience crashes mostly due to the fact that other apps are active in the background or are consuming memory.

    To summarize some questions, assumptions and to correct some misleading statements:

    - We are actively developing Aerofly FS for all platforms, no platform is neglected. Keep in mind our code base is almost the same for all versions.

    - We do not prioritize any platform.

    - The reason that mobile and desktop versions are not always in sync are manifold. On mobile we usually come out with a completely new version to avoid problems with new features not running on all hardware. On desktop we prefer a longer life cycle per version and rather come out with a major new version, when a lot of new features and content is ready.

    - What you see in the mobile version now, will come to a big new version of Aerofly FS for desktop computers, but in a much improved manner, e.g. improved traffic, more regions and new aircraft models as well as flight model improvements.

    - We are developing a professional version of Aerofly FS together with VRM, that is intended for helicopter flight training.

    - VRM recently certified Aerofly FS through the EASA. Aerofly FS is the first simulator that can be used for training with a helicopter in VR.

    - VRM intends to certify the H-125 helicopter next. The H-125 is so far intended for the professional version only.

    - Advances either from the development of the professional version or from our consumer version will be integrated in the other versions if possible. It's our intention to keep a homogeneous code base across all products.

    The advances you see in the professional version of Aerofly FS will eventually also be added to our consumer version, no matter if PC or mobile. However the changes we did are significant and would break quite a lot of things, so we will incorporate those enhancements in a next major version of Aerofly FS, when we don't have to ensure backward compatibility.

    It is not our intention to censor in our forum. The problem is, that some postings that are being made, do not reflect the truth. We could in theory reply to every and each posting to clarify this, but it would be tedious and time consuming simply because there are more users than developers. It's the big problem with online communities in general, that it is difficult to maintain a good balance here and we definitely don't always do it the right way, we will apologise for this.

    To correct some of the statements here, no the development of our consumer version is not slowed due to the development of the professional version, it's quite contrary. And like we said before we do not prefer a specific platform, we try to add all features to all platforms.

    On iOS we divide all devices into 4 different device categories. For each category we have fixed quality settings. With Aerofly FS 2021 we saw that our category for the top performance was a little bit 'too much' so we had to reduce some things to avoid crashes. One of those changes was that we reduced the texture anisotropy setting that has a big influence.

    With each new mobile device Apple brings out we of course reconsider what we add to Aerofly FS. The best iPad and iPhone devices could easily render more than they currently do, but we always have to ensure Aerofly FS runs on a wide range of devices and that we also stay within memory limits.

    The difference you report is just an illusion and caused by the fact that the VR mode gives you a much better picture of how the models fly. Aerofly RC 8 in 2D mode always has the problem that you cannot judge the movement of the model properly. It's a principal problem of a 2D screen with a small field of view. In VR this is no longer the case, you see the model as you would see it in real life.

    So TomC's advice is an option as some models in RC 8 have been set up to be very sensitive to account for the aforementioned effect.

    Thank you for all the comments here. Aerofly FS has especially been developed with ease of use, fast operation but yet very detailed and accurate flight dynamics.

    We respect all opinions here, but some points need clarifications as there are simply not reflecting the truth. Stating the R22 has a cut down flight model is simply wrong. The R22 in its current state has been approved by many ( yes many ! ) R22 pilots as flying just like the real one and we are currently certifying the R22 to be used as a professional flying model. The same holds true for the EC 135 as well. The crash modelling is not be be mixed up with realism. Adding a proper crash simulation is very hard but it doesn't mean the flight dynamics are bad.

    Aerofly FS has always been designed such that you don't need numerous addons, tweaks and whatever to get it running smoothly and part of the good performance is especially due to this.

    And we are working on great new stuff as well, development hasn't stopped it's rather the opposite.