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    As Arthur stated, if the developer of the model used lower/upper cases for filenames, it's likely this model doesn't work on Mac OS.

    Also check that really the RC 8 version of the model is installed and not the RC 7 version as this is not compatible with RC 8.

    In unserem Ticketsystem haben Sie eine falsche Email angegeben, deshalb kamen unsere Antworten nicht an. Bitte jetzt prüfen, wir haben Ihnen geantwortet.

    Bitte uns am besten noch einmal an mail(at) diese Anfrage schicken. Wir beantworten Supportanfragen im Schnitt in 24-48 Stunden, manchmal gehen Dinge aber im Spamfilter verloren.

    Wir haben es gerade noch einmal mit der aktuellen Mac Version in der Landschaft 'Rocky Lands' getestet. Wir können dort mit den Tasten '1' bis '4' durch die verschiedenen Sichtmodi schalten. In der festen Sicht kann man seine Position mit den Cursortasten steuern. Die unterschiedlichen festen Positionen können mit 'v' und 'b' aktiviert werden, in der Landschaft gibt es hier aber nur zwei.

    Im Menü erscheint beim RC8 keine Auswahl, wie gesagt erfolgt die Steuerung hier nur über Tasten.

    Die Sichtmodi können mit den Tasten '1' bis '4' eingestellt werden. In der festen Ansicht kann die Beobachterposition mit den Cursortasten veraendert werden. Mit der Tastenkombination fn + F1 ( gilt nur auf dem Mac ) findest Du eine Übersicht über die Tastaturbelegung.

    Due to restrictions by Apple, all Mac App Store applications are stored in a special 'container' folder. So using any 3rd party sceneries is not straight forward. You will want to manually copy the orbx scenery files to this folder:

    /Users/<username>/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-2-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 2/addons/scenery

    As Jan said, this setting improve performance without visual degradation on devices with a very high pixel density. We recently introduced this option in the Android open beta version.

    What kind of 3D graphic card is installed in your laptop? Please ensure you install a dedicated 3D driver for your NVIDIA or AMD GPU. If you have fitted an INTEL GPU, you might be out of luck, only very few INTEL GPUs are suitable for Aerofly FS.

    GregDude has summarised this well. Unfortunately with each new technology there is a lot of hype and misinformation, especially when it comes to what can be gained in terms of performance. The NVIDIA OpenGL driver was always extremely well optimised, as you can see when you perform some comparisons Vulkan <-> OpenGL. On the other hand the AMD OpenGL driver was always a bad to say the least. With Vulkan extra work was put on the client programmer which in our eyes makes development for smaller teams a lot more difficult. Getting Vulkan right on various platforms is extremely complicated and time consuming.

    Vulkan, Metal and OpenGL are just API's used to communicate with the GPU, but the real performance improvements for software comes when the programmers understand where time is spent and lost on the GPU, which is not solved by simply switching from OpenGL to Vulkan.

    @HiFlyer: The problem is, we can publish guidelines of course, but our experience shows they are not followed consistently by all users. User created scenery is very nice, but it also has a huge impact on start up and runtime performance since lots of content doesn't follow our guidelines. We don't really know what to do against it, moderation would be one possibility, but we don't really want to control anybody here, Aerofly FS should be an open platform.

    @Alex zza: On Android we have no real control over the GPU at all and unfortunatly we can't yet use Vulkan as it is highly unstable on most devices. So the new swapping mechanism we mentioned is a system library which we cannot control. Anyway, we will look into this matter again.

    @Eduardo Navarro: 60 FPS in main menu is fine, keep in mind that during simulation a lot more is rendered to the screen. What P30 model do you have? Huawei offers 3 different models which are vastly different performance wise!

    We have integrated a new mechanism when presenting the swap chain, the current limit frame rate button now works a little different. We have to further fine tune this to ensure that if devices support >= 60 FPS constantly for over 5 seconds, that they don't drop back to 30 FPS. But if there is one frame that is slower than 60 FPS, we will then default to 30 FPS which saves power.