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    We have updated a few spots here and there in Europe with better elevation data. However we do not have 10m data for all of Europe, only selected regions. We intend to improve this in future updates.

    Just to clarify the pricing: Once the initial sale is over next week, you pay 80 Euro if you get Aerofly FS 4 AND Aerofly FS 4 Aircraft AddOn. If you decide to purchase the FS 4 Aircraft AddOn later it's 100 Euro in total. So if you intend to get both products, go for the Bundle price of 80 Euro.

    Nur um die Preise zu klären: Wenn der anfängliche Verkauf nächste Woche vorbei ist, zahlt man 80 Euro, wenn Aerofly FS 4 UND Aerofly FS 4 Aircraft AddOn zusammen gekauft werden. Wenn man sich entscheidet, das FS 4 Aircraft AddOn später zu kaufen, kostet alles zusammen 100 Euro. Insofern lohnt es sich gleich beide Produkte zu kaufen.

    @KP164: Thank you for the tm.log. It looks like Aerofly FS is chosing the right GPU, so it should actually work. For testing purposes, can you please reduce the graphics quality, try a different aircraft, e.g. the C172 and possibly another start location. Does that change anything?

    KP164: Please send us the tm.log of Aerofly FS 4 from your system. It might be that the wrong GPU is picked by Aerofly FS 4. You can send the tm.log file to this email mail(at)

    You can find the tm.log in ~/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 4/

    @Parsival: Your 3D card is definetly not suitable for FS 4, you will need at least 4 GB of video RAM, sorry. As a last test, you can try to force OpenGL mode as per instructions see above. But I doubt you will get FS 4 up and running on your system. If it is an option for you, I recommend you upgrade your 3D card.

    Could you please either post or send us via email your tm.log file to mail(at) A 2 GB graphic card is NOT sufficient for Aerofly FS 4! But we can say more if we see the log.

    Please go to your documents Aerofly FS 4 folder C:\Users\..\Documents\Aerofly FS 4

    and open the tm.log file with a text editor. There are probably error messages at the end of the file.

    Please send us that tm.log file as an attachment here in the forums or via email, you may have to pack it as a zip file first to be able to upload and attach it to your post here.

    Then, in the same folder, open the main.mcf file (if there is one) with a texteditor and change

    <[bool][graphics_use_vulkan][true]> from true to false and save the file.

    Aerofly should then start in OpenGL mode.

    We also don't really know how user content is organized, we did see some bad examples in the past so our tools will likely need some extra functionality to work smooth in our new system. As an example, in FS 2 one could create a cultivation file covering arbitrary regions, in FS 4 we now divide the data in equal sizes aligned to our generic world grid system. This has some advantages with respect to the performance on when and how data is loaded.

    Aerial images as well as elevation data is backwards compatible.

    3D sceneries will need to be converted, but the amount of work required is really not high. However adjustments might be needed on how the data is organized, it will get more clear once we explain how the new system works.

    But you will need our new tools which we will publish soon.

    Just to clarify here for anybody who might be confused due to our previous emails: Aerofly FS 4 fully supports all the different kind of joysticks and controllers out there, and especially all the various Thrustmaster devices. You can also combine various controllers, e.g. use separate pedals or throttle quadrants. Most devices out there already have a default assignment, so no tedious controller configurations are required.

    Also, as mentioned before, Aerofly FS 4 now allows you to assign different functions to the throttle quadrants ( e.g. like the Thrustmaster TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition ) depending on whether you are flying a single engine Cessna or a four engine B747.

    @larrylynx: Your false assumptions are irritating. We never said, that you can't control everything in an aircraft yourself.

    Again, your assumption is not valid, you can use Aerofly FS 4 with no assistance functions at all and control everything yourself. Just like a real pilot. The 100% controller option however is an important point for most of our customers who do not click in the cockpit or don't want to use keyboard or mouse. It is activated, if only a single game controller is connected. Again, those users can of course disable these assistance functions.

    AOB, @larrylynx: Maybe we didn't explain it properly. Aerofly FS 4 intend to have 100% controller support which means you can operate it entirely without using a keyboard our mouse, using an XBOX controller only or on the new SteamDeck. Now when we did send in Aerofly FS 4 for review by Valve we made a mistake with some airliner models, e.g. they had 'auto brake' enabled, but when one increased the 'throttle', the 'auto brake' function didn't release the parking brakes. Hence it was impossible for lift off with those airliners. We have fixed this specific issues and send in Aerofly FS 4 for review again. Once Valve has finished reviewing which hopefully doesn't reveal any other issues, we will publish Aerofly FS 4.