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    Having a global scenery offline is really no option as the total data exceeds 1 TB. We could offer just the airports and some basic aerial images but you are then basically flying in a fairly empty space.

    TomSimMuc: It seems like local cultivation files and streamed ones are loaded at the same time. This is clearly an error, we will fix it shortly, thanks for pointing it out. You might want to fly in Japan for now to avoid this issue.

    @FlyOverAsia: If you don't opt into the streaming you can access Aerofly FS 4 as usual. Also, there is no block. If you have local airports, images and cultivation installed locally it takes precedence over the streamed data.

    As mentioned already the streaming feature is experimental. The airports that come with it are work in progress as well, so expect to see more detailed airports in future updates, like better navigation support or 3D buildings.

    It work's fine on our side with all the variations we tested. Please try Vulkan as the main renderer and update your 3D driver, maybe that fixes the issue.

    Upgrading to a single high performance GPU is your best option, please no SLI, it's not worth it and not supported by Aerofly FS anyway.

    As mentioned before, a super high end 4090 RTX might be an overkill for your system as your CPU and other components must be able to handle such a fast GPU.

    So the recommendations here, like a NVIDIA 4070 or 3070 are just fine. A NVIDIA 4070 would be the best option due to the 12 GB of GPU Ram.

    All the audio issues reported here are usually OS specific settings, it shouldn't have to do anything with Aerofly FS 2023 itself, so uninstalling and reinstalling shouldn't help. Unfortunately the sound settings in modern iOS and Android systems are fairly complex, so it's hard to give specific solutions.

    We haven't tested this specific iMac model, but it is really at the lower end of what we recommend as it shares it's 8 GB of RAM for the graphics and the CPU, there might not be much left to run Aerofly FS 4. That being said: If you purchase from Steam, you can give it a try and if you don't like it or it doesn't perform well, you can always get a refund.

    We have test Aerofly FS 4 on Mac Book Pro M1 16 inch and it runs just great on that computer, but they do offer more memory and more GPU power so it's hard to compare.

    Unfortunately we were forced to remove older versions from the App Store due to Apple guidelines. However, you can always download those versions later on, Apple still allows download of Apps that have been purchased, so we are not taking anything away here from existing customers.

    As for if it's worth to opt for a new version or not it's a very personal decision, however we invested a lot into new aerial images to cover almost all of Europe and we also added a huge amount of highly detailed airports and of course new aircraft that hasn't been in previous versions. As for the next versions that come the amount of data will further grow so we have to decide on how to deliver this to our customers.

    For best VR flying experience, please use the 4D sceneries. Getting realistic virtual 3D models four our photo sceneries is very hard and already slight deviations in the model are recognized in VR. So just use 4D sceneries for optimum depth perception.

    Dear Aerofly FS users,

    as we do get quite a few support requests recently regarding the Steam Deck ( a handheld gaming console from Valve company ) compatibility of Aerofly FS 4, we would like to give an overview.

    The company Valve that sells the Steam Deck is given each game a Steam Deck Verified status, once they have reviewed your game. Unfortunately due to man power and time restrictions on Valves side, this is a long process and so far Aerofly FS 4 hasn't received any status at all. However our previous version, Aerofly FS 2 has received a 100% Steam Deck verfied status, meaning it is fully compatible. In case you want to get our previous version for the Steam Deck, head over here. However, keep in mind, Aerofly FS 4 is offering lots of new content and features, so read on.

    Since Aerofly FS 4 is almost using the same but enhanced user interface as Aerofly FS 2, we can say that you can even operate in a much more intuitive way than Aerofly FS 2. You can access all relevant functions using the controls on the Steam Deck and you could even click switches in the cockpit by taping on the screen. Besides that Aerofly FS 4 also runs in a full Linux native version ( Steam OS running on the Steam Deck is a Linux based operating system ), with no extra translation layers in between. Due to the powerful hardware of the Steam Deck you also get dense coverage of buildings and trees and even our new dynamic lighting, so to make it short, it looks the same as on your PC computer.

    So we can safely say at this point, that Aerofly FS 4 is 100% Steam Deck verified compatible and you can use our Flight SImulator without any restrictions and it's a great device to do a quick flight either while travelling or at home.

    @TomSimMuc: Good question. Right now we can easily create a world wide coverage of cultivation data, it's a question on how we distribute this data to our customers. Creating a world wide cultivation data can range from 300 to 600 GB of data, possibly more. Usually we have two options: Download or Streaming, we haven't really decided on this yet. In the mean time, we are building up the infrastructure for creating the cultivation world wide and offering them for download, mainly for developers, so users can see what is possible with Aerofly FS.