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    Like we mentioned before, publishing a road map is something we don't do, not because we don't want to say what we are working on, but a road map is putting a lot of pressure on us for various reasons. Software development in certain areas is very hard to estimate time wise, e.g. if we say we work on ATC, weather or traffic, our users want to know 'when' to expect this feature and what it will include. But we are in this business now for over 20 years and we have seen that it is very difficult to properly estimate the time it takes to finish a certain feature. Thats why we decided not to publish anything. unless we are sure when we can guarantee a release date.

    It's also very difficult to communicate to our users how complex it is to implement certain features. E.g. when we talk about weather, we have to consider the graphical part, the simulation part and in case of future Multiplayer support, reproducibility. This is extremely complex stuff. When we work on a feature, we also want to ensure it's compatible for the various platforms we support. As it stands now, Aerofly FS supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android and our code base and resource files are 99.5% the same on all platforms. We do not prefer one platform over the other, anything we work on will always be available for all platforms eventually.

    Again, our philosophy is to create a realistic, good performing and yet easy to use flight simulator. There is no question other products are better in certain areas as we are, but we also now that many users out there like the way we do it. It's what we want to focus on with our future development.

    And before this is getting to speculative: We are financially very well positioned and do not need any investors, loans or other help.

    And yes, creating this post has costed us roughly 15 minutes of time, so we would like to get back to work again and invest this time into some extra code lines instead.

    If 3.6 GB is shown in your 'Documents & Data' folder then it looks like Switzerland and the Hi-Res texture pack are both installed, so all is fine.

    Switzerland is roughly 1.8 GB by itself and the Hi-Res texture data also. Hi-Res data means, that around most airports the radius of 4-8m data is larger, we haven't added aerial images with higher resolution at the actual airports.

    We have tried the download of the additional InApp regions multiple times on over 10 different iOS devices and various iOS versions and never experienced any issues. We are aware of the fact that some users are having issues, but we can't reproduce them on our side unfortunately. For purchasing and downloading those InApp's we are using Apple services and Apple example code, so it's very difficult for us to track down the exact issue.

    We have found out however two things that caused download failures on user devices: Not enough storage on the iOS device or an unreliable WiFi connection. Apple requires roughly twice the amount of free storage when downloading the InApp. Also when the WiFi connection is interrupted, the download isn't always resuming properly.

    We will look into this issue in more detail and see if we can somehow trigger those issues on our side as well to make it more reliable.

    @listerreg: The free hi-res aerial images InApp adds more high resolution ( around 4 to 8 meters per pixel ) around most airports, so you will see actually more details in a larger area around each airport. The Switzerland InApp features high resolution aerial images of Switzerland along with around 20 airports including Zuerich International.

    Aviation enthusiast.: Please ensure you have enough free storage on your device and that you are connected to the internet through WiFi and not your mobile carrier.

    We are also a little disappointed Orbx has stopped Aerofly FS development for now. Porting Orbx UK over to Aerofly FS wouldn't be too difficult and we have also offered our help. But we of course understand their decision from their point of view. But with the new simulator around the corner, they might reconsider, we will see.

    Thank you KJKsimmer for this detailed review and also thank you everybody for supporting us. We know Aerofly FS is not sufficient yet for many users and that you would like to see faster development. We can assure you, we are actively working on more system depth and more features, but we can't always communicate our current status to the outside.

    We would like to show you a nice video showing the potential of Aerofly FS even with 3rd party content. It demonstrates a nice stall of the new Just Flight airplane: Stall video

    When people compare Aerofly FS to other simulators they always have different priorities. Some people need the last switch and system being simulated other focus more on pure flight dynamics and overall smoothness and performance. We would say each simulator out there has it's strength in its area. Aerofly FS in its current version focuses on performance, perfect flight dynamics and an easy and intuitive user interface.

    But like mentioned before we are actively developing Aerofly FS.

    flybius: if we would have known in advance that the Mac App Store doesn‘t handle large games properly we would have indeed chosen a different approach. We will of course publish an update for Mac users soon, but all our addon sceneries are not working, so we have to find other solutions in the future. We might even consider using steam on Mac OS, but due to significant changes by Apple even the steam client had issues.

    With 3rd party addons it's hard to say what's going wrong, because we have absolutely no control over what those addon's do and how much memory they consume.

    The error in your tm.log file might happen if Aerofly FS exceeds the GPU memory, Vulkan is picky here. Or it could be a texture that is not square or you could be using a 3D mesh that has some issues.