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    Thank you all for the feedback. It is really appreciated. Please give us some time to collect all the feedback you send and sort it into a list we can work on or further discuss. Some wishes are easy to implement, others might not be possible. So give us some time to assemble a list.

    In the meantime we have updated the software on the server. Now every user can see all airports in the system. However, the creator of the airport is the only one able to edit it. But a user can send either a request to edit the airport of another user or a user can invite another one. This feature should be used with care.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: The server is still experimental and updates might break some airports, so we strongly recommend you export your airports after changing it, so you can import it back in again after a server issue.

    @ApfelFlieger: Thank you for this very detailed feedback, it is really appreciated! We will check and see what we can improve here.

    Some quick feedback for you:

    1) The Airport bounds are currently not really important, there is no need to draw them exactly as the final tool should calculate a proper boundary based on the added tarmacs and objects.

    2) Drawing 'arc's is not supported. However some lines and tarmacs are automatically smoothed based on some simple rules. It will get clear once we publish the tool to convert to the final airport data.

    TomSimMuc: We have no documentation yet at all, but we intend to create a simple step by step guide once we have enough feedback. We also hope we will get support from the community with this tool.

    As for the level priority: Tarmacs with a higher priority will lie over any underlying tarmac areas. You can use this to add different material to certain areas or to create 'holes' in the tarmac. You should have access to an ESMS on the website that shows you this. We will add more airports soon as a reference.

    RJ04 by the way converts just fine already. We recommend to add Tarmac areas whereever you place buildings, it's not required but otherwise we will get issues at the border.

    Dear Aerofly FS Users,

    we have been busy in the past months to work on a tool to create your own airport for Aerofly FS.

    We now have an online tool available for testing purposes. It allows you to create an airport for Aerofly FS using a web browser. If you are interested in trying it out and giving us feedback, let us know. The amount of users is limited that we can accept and we recommend you only contact us if you have done airports using FSCP in the past, the workflow is somewhat similar.

    Please note, this is so far the online tool only. The resulting file you get is not the actual airport for Aerofly FS, it is required to run through a converter program on a PC computer, so for now a Windows PC is required as well. This tool is not yet published as we would first like to get some feedback with the online tool first.

    If you are interested and have done airports for our previous products in the past, please drop us an email at mail(at)

    Don't let the airport officials see this. Flying too close over airport buildings is prohibited.

    We will check and see what causes this issue and try to fix it.

    We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. But it is not as simple as it might look as the whole process of cultivation generation is automated and we are ( on purpose ) not considering airport data when generating these files. So we have to remove those objects during runtime.

    Adding new features to our Flight Simulator is of course always our main intention. However, a significant amount of time is currently 'wasted' by adjusting and optimizing the app on the various different devices out there. We have to keep in mind that the performance difference between the lowest performing devices to the high end devices is almost a factor of 10. Creating a single app for this huge range is challenging and this is made even more difficult by the fact that on Apple we can't really limit the app only to selected devices. So we always have to be very careful when adding new features.

    @TomB: We have read your posting. For FS 4 we had to do some compromises regarding the amount of data we deliver otherwise the total amount would have exploded. So we deliberatly removed some previously included high resolution material to account for the many mew airports in Europe. The other way would have ment 'streaming' which is something we didn't want to do for FS 4.

    We do have new versions of aerial images for Switzerland but processing them and adjusting the coloring is a tremendous amount of work which we hadn't had a chance yet to work on.

    That all being said, it doesn't mean we won't change this in one of the next updates.

    We hope this clarifies the matter a little bit.

    Could anybody here that is on iOS please tell us your exact iPad or iPhone model number so we can check this? Again, please be as specific as possible.

    @MetallicaRulz81: iPad 6th generation is not 100% clear. You can read a model number on the back side of the iPad.

    @BFlyer: RC 9 will run the native Apple Silicon code by default unless some system settings have been modified.

    The log file of RC 9 should have a line in the beginning verifying this. It's located at

    ~/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-rc-9/Data/Library/Application Support/Aerofly RC 9/tm.log

    Tomfa: What version are you talking about? This has been fixed in the mobile version many weeks ago. Please uninstall and do a full reinstall. If you are talking about the PC version, please explain in more detail and show screenshots.