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    We have mentioned multiple times that the fuel consumption is not yet fully implemented and it is also not easy to fix quickly as it's still work in progress. So there is no point in mentioning it over again. We are neither hostile or censor you, but like we said, multiple postings with the same topic or flooding the forum with repetitive messages is something we moderate.

    @Beto McFly: Please do not double post or flood the forum with repetitive postings. Besides posting here you also sent emails. One way is enough, thank you. The bug fixes mentioned might not affect your device. If landmarks are visible or FS doesn't crash, you are not affected.

    In the SteamVR app right click in the small windows and choose 'Settings'.

    Then in the following window choose the tab 'Controllers'.

    Next, click on 'Manage Controller Bindings'.

    Then in the window 'Manage Controller Bindings For', choose 'Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator' and then click on 'Default'.

    After that the grip should work properly.

    Please ensure you have the default VR input bindings activated when using Aerofly FS 4.

    Also, ensure you are not in the beta channel.

    If you touch the VR Index controller grip, the finger should form a fist. Is that the case on your side?

    Ok, thanks for the reply. Let us test it with our index next week and we will get back. We are pretty sure it should work when default binding is active.

    AOB: Ok, we found the issue. It was an error which we thought was fixed in the Android NDK and that happens only on selected Android versions. A public beta has been uploaded to Google Play. Please let us know if this fixes the issue.

    Sparriet: The KLAX area is extremely heavy on GPU memory. Revise your quality settings please and check if using Vulkan or OpenGL renderer. Vulkan is preferred but OpenGL might sometimes work better in tight memory situations.

    @Vinicius: We will publish an official version soon with aircraft light support even with our default OpenGL renderer. All the issues with light on Android is due to the fact that on Android the graphic chips and graphic drivers are numerous and with strongly varying quality. This forces us to work around 'bugs' in drivers and limitations of the graphic chips.

    The lighting model in Aerofly FS is fully dynamic, that means all the lights coming from the aircraft illuminate the surrounding scenery and the aircraft itself. Changing this to a simpler model like other games do would mean a lot of time on our side and also results in a much lower quality. We rather spend our development efforts somewhere else.

    Sparriet: Can you give us more details regarding your system please and steps to reproduce?

    captain video: Can you please check in the Steam VR Input settings, that your are using the default Aerofly FS 4 controller configuration for your VR headset. Also tell us what headset and hand controllers you use.

    We will soon offer for a limited amount of testers our new Aerofly FS 4 airport creation tool. This greatly simplifies adding airports to FS 4. We will publish details once this tool is available.

    So the general summary for the latest beta update version is that it seems to run fine with acceptable performance penalties. However some FPS reported here are way below 30 FPS, and we don't consider this as a good frame rate for a smooth simulation. We will check and see if we know enable the aircraft lighting as an option, so people who don't need it can disable it for better performance.

    We will publish a new version in the beta channel for Android users today. The version number is This version only features aircraft lights and disables airport lights for now as the performance hit was just too big. We are working on a simpler airport lighting version for a future update.

    We would like to get some feedback how your FPS are with this version at busy airports like KSFO and away from airports high in the air.

    Please note: There are quite a few Android devices out there that do not support the aircraft lighting due to hardware and/or software driver limitations.