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    We will write a small introductory in the Wiki soon, to get the 'greater' picture on what is required and how this process works.

    The GeoConvert tool, like we have said before, is not just plug and play. Creating aerial images for use with Aerofly FS 2 is a fairly complex step, this is necessary however to have a smooth operation while flying.

    So be patient, we will try to write a better introduction soon.

    Hartman, we looked at the website but its all norwegian, no indication on how to purchase this data and if its ok for usage with Flight Simulators, can you help us some more here and maybe translate what you mentioned in your previous posting? If you want, you can get in contact with us via email at mail (at), this should be quicker.

    The elevation data we currently use for world wide coverage only goes to +/- 60 degrees latitude. We do have data beyond that but haven't converted it yet.

    May we ask if it would be possible for you to check on how we can download this elevation data for Norway? The website is in norwegian only.

    Also do you know if any good aerial image data is available for Norway either for free or for purchase?

    Rodeo, sorry we do not disclose names ;)

    Rodeo meant 16 GB instead of 16 MB.

    For simple tests, 8 GB should be fine, but as he said, having 16 GB should result in a much smoother conversion process when converting larger areas.

    Our close beta testers have provided us with a little bit more feedback that we would like to incorporate next week. Those are easy fixes to implement, so we might be able to publish GeoConvert next week.

    Keep in mind: GeoConvert is a tool we also use internally, user friendlyness is not a high priority, so to use this tool, you have to read the Wiki and do experiments its not just a plug and play solution.

    StefVR, you are correct.

    Those micro stutters happen when textures, new airports or new elevation data is uploaded to the 3D graphic card.

    This sometimes takes anywhere from 10 to 50ms for a single frame and this is what you notice as stuttering.