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    This is a double posting, so please only one thread. First of all we need more information about your phone, please be as detailed as possible. Aerofly FS really has not much control over the frame rate it can achieve on mobile devices. A lot of this depends on the settings in the phone and on the operating system. It's not limited to 60 FPS if 'limit fps option' is turned off. Also keep in mind that more than 60 fps are almost impossible to achieve due to performance limitations.

    Getting our games into the Apple iOS AppStore is almost impossible for us. We need to get a specific Game ID from the Chinese government. Since there is no easy way to do it, we have so far not applied for this. Sorry.

    Dear Aerofly FS 2023 users,

    here is a list of issues we will fix in an upcoming update for iOS and/or Android. So please do not create new postings for these issues. We deleted previous threads so we don't loose track ourself. If you have a new bug, open a separate thread for this so we can analyze it. Once it is confirmed we will add it to this list.

    • Missing aerial images and elevation data in certain scenery packages. We will update the scenery packages in the next update to add missing elevation data and aerial images and the border of each region.
    • Fixed the swapped Copilot ALT UP/DOWN buttons
    • B787 SYS Menu fixed
    • EDDN and LOWW tower position corrections
    • Reduced the brightness at night slightly ( even though this was previously reported as too dark, so there doesn't seem to be a 100% right solution as it also depends on the device screen )
    • Fixed the wrong loading distance for a few POIs ( points of interest ) in the New York area
    • Updated KLBE with terminal buildings
    • Android Gamepad Support has been fixed ( You can now properly switch views )
    • ILS Auto tuning has been fixed

    We will update this list continously as we fix more bugs internally.

    Update: We have rolled out updates for the broken scenery downloads now. Due to an issue with some files, we recommend to completely uinstall Aerofly FS 2023 and redownload it again from Google Play or Apple iOS Store. We apologize for this inconvenience. The issues with the missing elevation data or low quality elevation data for various airports should now be fixed. Please redownload and provide feedback to us.

    @blendflightgeek: Yes, all the Vulkan issues we observed on Android are purely Software based, meaning that the GPU itself can handle it, the vulkan driver software however is not matured yet. It's an issue with so many different devices out there and each one of them requires dedicated software drivers.

    @Fly_wu: We have now fixed the aircraft menu bug, a new update is available through Google Play Store soon.

    > oh my god! According to my intuition, Aerofly FS 2023, which is currently in its infancy, has a lot of bugs. It's like a blame game. Welcome to find fault.

    Writing something like this isn't really helpful. Please be more specific or open a dedicated thread for discussing issues you have found.

    It doesn't matter what GPU ( graphic processor ) you have, it really only depends on the driver support. Of course the GPU needs to be fast, but we found that the drivers are extremely bad. They are just not optimized for a high demand application like Aerofly FS.

    the integrated Intel Iris graphic card is likely too slow for Aerofly FS 4. Since it is a laptop, there isn't much you can do to improve the performance. If you have the chance, please consider getting a refund from Steam.

    Unfortunately, the situation is very unsatisfactory for our customers as well as for ourselves.

    As it looks now, it is not possible for us to offer any special deals or rebates for customers of previous versions. Apple has introduced the concept of Bundles, but they are simply not working as they should. We have sent multiple emails to Apple, but all they said was, they are looking into the matter. However nothing has changed so far.

    We will therefor consider an alternative way of offering future versions of Aerofly RC to Mac users, preferably through Steam. Maintaining another distribution channel however adds a lot of overhead and also confuses users as we can't get the prices on each platform exactly the same and the user also can't easily switched between the different solutions. This is causing support cases as well.

    So to summarize, we have not abonded the Mac platform and we will continue to support new versions on macOS as well, however offering the right distribution way is something we are still evaluating.