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    Iverified every point and now it's OK;

    the DHC beaver flies in standard model and thre is also the automatic version for aoto towing (i had not seen....).

    Thanks for all.



    wanting for recordind a fly,it seems impossible to record sound witout using external tool.

    Is that true or is it an other way to do that?

    Thanks for answer.



    i've just bought RC8,and i can't see the Beaver in the picture list ,but it's well in aircraft's file.

    Have you had this problem?

    Thanks for help.


    Hi after a silence for....holidays.

    today i've bought RC7 on Steam for going far this activation problem.

    But now i do not how to do for adding personnal aicrafts or sceneries.Can add them in aircrafts or sceneries folders?

    Hi Jürgen,

    no i have 1 license,but when i activate every one,all both work.If i restart the second PC(The one which has problem),the problem appears).

    In the recent past ,ihad the problem even on the first,that seems a de-activation for a reason i've never found.

    I've searched a long time to know what parameters to make a back up i could use for not to re-activate.

    It is the only sofware that make problem.

    I've e-mail to Ikarus,but no answer at this time.

    Thanks Arthur,

    i have writen a new ticket to Ikarus.

    I've already used severalkeys activation.*RC7 is instaaled on 2 pc with w10.The first one has no problem.

    I'd like know to make a back up to not to have re-activate every time.

    Best regards



    with RC7 ultimatei have for a while,it is often asked me the code activation.

    I am under W10 ;

    for example,i have activated 2 days ago and today RC7 asks me that code activation is needed again;

    Can you explain me why if it is possible.

    Thanks in advance;


    On the taxi and bird of time,with normal setting controls,rudder is moved by ailerons control and not rudder control(without modifying original setting controls:aileron on left stick,rudder and elevator on right stick).So in inverted flight,rudder seems to work like ailerons.
    So when we turn in inverted flight,ailerons and rudder are in opposite position.Even with a dihedral annoying rudder effect.
    What i want to say is:is the ruudder effect well simulated in inverted flight on RC7?
    One question more:i've not found how give value to angle dihedral.If you can help me,many thanks.
    So thank you for your interest about my question.

    It seems to be a dysfunction with rudder axis when we fly inverted.
    If you drive in 2 axis(pitch and rudder),the rudder axis is not inverted.
    Have you seen that,or perhaps i dream.

    On phoenix simu,for example,no problem.