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    Hello everyone, I found a small bug: I cannot make a route between KSFO and KDEN with the CDU of the B777. If I want to make a route between KSFO and KDEN at step "RTE" (…aircraft:boeing_777-300er) nothing happens. But if I type in KLAX or KLAS instead of KDEN, a route is created. It would be nice if you could fix that.

    This is a known issue, the destination airport is unknown because this area is not loaded in the navigation database when it's far away. I do have a fix ready in my developer version but it needs further testing before it can get published.

    Yeah sure, I can do this livery, but not for free, please contact me

    Please don't publish your mail address publicly like that. When I see that I have to edit that... You can send that in private messages, too. Keep your private data safe and avoid publishing your mail address to avoid impersonators, personality theft, spam mails and what not.

    There is a hospital helipad available in San Francisco for example. There are also plenty helipads in other cities.

    Innsbruck by OrbX also has several great helipads for hospitals.

    Per default the flap lever on the quadrant is assigned to the flaps. The lever overrides any other flap inputs that you may have assigned. So if you are using buttons on your joystick the lever instantly overrides it again.

    If the flap lever doesn't work as well, then try resetting the controller assignments to their default state.

    There is a button in the top right of the controller menu that allows you to do that.

    What do you mean replay mod? There is no mod for that...

    And what do you mean it only does X, Y, Z?

    It records nearly all values, the attitude of the plane (not just position), wing bending and gear position, each switch positions in the cockpit, system states - so pretty much everything is recorded. So what the issue here?

    To save data we don't store each simulation time step. We only store several times per second but not at the physics rate of over 1000 times a second. Then the replay would be about 200x shorter...


    Jan, do you know how to create EC135 livery previews with skids, I posted this thread too but maybe you didn't see it? Please answer



    If I knew the answer I'd let you know. All I know is we used the option.tmc and our converter takes it and makes the preview as usual. I'm not in charge for the converter and I very rarely use it myself. I'll ask the developer in question...

    Hi Pratik,

    Sorry but at this time it's too early to make any announcements on what we have been and what we are still working on as we speak.

    We're constantly working behind the scenes which may include new regions, new aircraft and new major features. One of the big features that has already been added to the mobile version is air traffic. We plan on making that better over time making it react to conditions and the player aircraft at some point down the road. I don't know when it will be ready for the desktop version, it's not on me to decide this.

    I've been busy making many additions to the aircraft systems, too. This addresses many of the reported issues or suggestions that you guys had like the B737 flight model. It's work in progress but so far I got all turbofan aircraft to a point where I can start and shut down engines. There are still a lot of things to be done there like adding more realistic engine sounds especially during engine start. I would like to push this a lot further to be able to provide cold and dark states for most of our airliners. But we can't put all our time into that, there are a ton of people that don't actually use that. So we'll also focus on other features, not just aircraft systems.

    Ok, But if you implement this function in ailerons remember some users like the effect as it is then I suggest that it can be configured in the tmd file

    Sorry but I don't plan on having two versions here. Only the most realistic implementation is kept, as long as it doesn't compromise usability. I'll think of a system that allows me to delay certain ground spoiler group extensions, needed for the B777 spoiler extensions but also used for un-drooping the ailerons and deflecting them up after spoiler extension for the A320...

    I'm trying to reproduce this. I've set up a flight plan for KLAX ILS 07L and started with the long final option.

    AP 1 and 2 on, LOC and G/S captured. At around 600ft pressed C to engage copilot. Copilot disengages autopilot immediately but keeps LOC and G/S modes active, goes to 'land at destination runway' mode. Copilot flared correctly, put thrust levers to idle before touch down, put the plane on the ground somewhat firmly and immediately engaged the reversers after touch down. Reversers and spoilers deployed quickly after, there was no delay at all on my side.

    From what I know about watching endless of videos and talking to pilots, in the real world they usually activate the reversers right away. Reversers are most effective at high speed and delaying their deployment costs landing distance, and adds brake wear where as immediate reversers saves maintenance at the cost of just a bit more fuel consumption.

    During autoland with autopilot the aircraft will use the navigation ILS data to align on the centerline. This may be slightly offset in aerofly due to the date of the data source for the nav data and image inaccuracies that the airport was modeled on.

    Using the copilot the landing is performed using the precisely defined 3d endpoints of the runway, ignoring the ILS entirely (landing on any runway in the world, even without ILS)... That's why the copilot lands exactly on centerline, the autopilot does not. That's just like in real life though :)

    Regarding the aileron deflection after spoilers: I can add this into my developer build now, but don't expect this to be published soon. There are quite a few changes still piled up on my end that are not yet public and will require extensive testing on our side first.

    The thrust reverser control of the copilot is entirely programmed into the executable, there is no configuration file that affects it.

    I just need to be able to replicate this issue first...

    During the flare, do you see the copilot retarding the thrust levers to idle?
    Is there any change in behavior if you disable your joysticks entirely?

    Hi Tim,

    Why not use the default sessions that are already provided?

    You can run an the server application on another PC as far as I know. If I remember correctly there is a server executable in your rc7 bin folder...

    I guess it requires all of the files as the normal executable, so install your RC 7 on both machines, than have one host the server and join with the other one.