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    I will also leave now, you can delete this post too. Before I definitely leave I would like to thank Jan (Jet-Pack), he does a great job, no doubt.

    Larrylynx aircraft productions is hereby terminated

    To all, keep safe and to quote Spock

    Live long and prosper

    I've restored your posts and I'll talk to admin about it tomorrow. It's getting pretty late here but please just let me say this before you leave:

    It's pretty frustrating to read what you have said especially when you have little insight into how much work went into making the Aerofly FS VRM version and how many extra hours were invested on that project.

    We're not going to give up on Aerofly FS 2 especially now that it has been verified that the flight sim physics engine is even suited for professional pilot training. We've certainly learned a lot and as I said earlier the consumer version is also going to benefit from the VRM version.

    Yes, I wanted to ask how much does this Professional version of Aerofly FS 2 cost, and where could I buy it?

    I would just like to fly with the new Eurocopter AS350 with the new sling load feature. :)

    What are these legal reasons why the AS350 cannot be included in the consumer version? :/

    The AS350 was created as part of a contract between VRM and IPACS and the contract prohibits selling part of the product for other reasons than stated in the contract.

    The Aerofly FS VRM version is a fully blown motion simulation, EASA certified for real world pilot training. More than three years of development and a team of more than 20 people made this possible. The VRM team performed a high number of test flights with the real world aircraft to record flight data. The flight model of Aerofly FS VRM version was then verified together with the motion platform movements, safety requirements, the control force simulation and a lot more.

    If you own a real world helicopter flight school for example you can order the professional flight sim version together with the motion platform and flight controls from our partners at VR Motion in Switzerland. Keep in mind that this product serves a completely different target audience than the consumer versions of Aerofly FS 2. It's not something you can easily afford for your personal use at home and it's far more than just the flight sim itself.

    Even though the R22 flight model that we have in Aerofly FS 2 today has a different set of parameters and some differences in the physics simulation, the overall flight model is 'just right' and because of that we were able to adopt and validate the flight model against real world flight data measurements. This to me proves how great the underlying physics engine of Aerofly FS 2 really is.

    That's so sad!!! ;(

    So there is no new helicopter or any new aircraft coming? ;(;(;(

    But how much would the AS350 addon cost? Or how much would the VRMotion professional version of Aerofly FS 2 cost? Is there any place where I could buy it?

    What are these legal reasons?

    We didn't say that there is no new helicopter or aircraft coming to FS 2. Just that the AS350 is probably not gonna happen for the consumer version.

    The "professional version" (the EASA certified flight simulator platform) serves a completely different purpose and for that version the platform is a know hardware configuration and we are able to fully test that one setup. The consumer version on the other has to run on a wide collection of different devices, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac OS where we cannot test every combination. So things like landing lights require more work on the consumer version because it has to work for different graphics quality settings on different hardware with different shader support.

    Of course the consumer version will be able to benefit from a lot of the advancements made for the professional version over time but we have also made great progress on the consumer version and added features to it that are not included by the certified version. And probably never will be because once it's certified it's sort of a finished product where significant changes would have to be re-certified.

    The PAPIs where placed manually by our scenery creators. And since there are humans involved mistakes will be made. So please, if you have time, collect a list of the PAPIs then I can forward this to the designers to fix it.

    I think the issue with the fuselage fuel tank is that the fuel transfer doesn't stop when the wings are full. At the moment the wings spill the excess overboard.

    We'll rework the fuel system at some point anyways :)

    If we increase the scenery draw distance back to the previous version then the cockpit texture resolution also has to be decreased again. You can't have both at the same time, there just is not enough memory on most mobile devices without the operating system closing the app for you.

    The copilot approaches at a fixed 3 degrees, the ILSes have glide slope angles based on database entries and the PAPIs should have the approach angle stated on approach charts. Feel free to collect a list of all PAPIs where that is not the case so that we may correct them.

    Keep in mind that even at real world airports the visual approach guidance (PAPI, etc.) may not correlate with the glide slope angle. The visual guides could be higher or lower than the G/S in real life.

    Could you please upload the tm.log file for us, that's located in your user documents Aerofly FS 2 folder. Thanks.

    Also make sure that your computer is using the correct graphics card for rendering Aerofly FS 2. Sometimes after a driver update or Windows update Aerofly is launched using only the CPU graphics chip which often causes rendering issues. Switch back to you graphics card using the Nvidia Control panel or the equivalent software for your card.

    Hi, so no chance to have it in the future (on iOS), now that you control the download process? The download could be unlocked by an in-app purchase if necessary. And more downloads (new iPad Pro M1 in mind)?

    We're not ruling that out but most of the user made content I downloaded so far did not follow the proper folder and file naming conventions (lower case, no spaces) so even if we added that in some sceneries may not work on mobile platforms out of the box. Also, we put in a lot of effort to lower the overall memory usage, so on mobile we use different compression algorithms for the textures, split cultivations into smaller chunks what not. That means a scenery created for desktop may cause memory issues on mobile, bad framerates or some images may not load at all, the app could also just crash or become unusable once the user scenery is installed. Essentially all user made sceneries files would have to be converted for mobile and desktop and you'd have to provide two versions for each scenery. That's asking a lot from the content creators. It's not really as "plug and play" as you might assume.

    Suddenly, without any changes, the game restarted to drain battery again. Have passed almost two months from last update that fixed the problem and now the problem is back, without any apparent reason because nothing has changed in my phone and in the app (except for updating to last iOS version). Any solution?

    What exact device do you use and what version aerofly number do you see in the about page in the app?