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    Can you please describe in more detail what you want to do? There is no hot-key to toggle the on-screen touch interface because it automatically shows up when there is no controller connected. If you have a controller connected then there is no need for the interface anymore.

    Do you normally fly just with the on-screen touch interface and only want to hide that interface for when you are recording a video?

    Because the interface can already fade out and be fully transparent during the flight, which could be what you are looking for.

    In the main config simply change <[bool][fade_controls][false]> to true.

    Thank you for clarifying this.

    Is there any reason why they elected to place the feature in settings however haven't activated it's use yet?

    It's nice to have a throttle cut when participating in online groups. You can take a break reducing the noise to others until you resume flying.

    The function can be used by third party developers and is available for legacy support as far as I know.

    I wouldn't call it a weather API :)

    You can change the visibility on the fly but clouds can only be set through the menu or main config.

    Dynamically placing an object would be a nightmare for the performance I think. But you can use animations to move stuff around. I'm not sure what you want to change dynamically that you could not do by just switching locations for example.

    Creating different scenarios sounds like you want to create some sort of mission selection?

    I'm not familiar with what messages Aerofly actually accepts from the outside. The current interface is designed to broadcast information out to applications like external moving maps. The value sent through Simulation.Time cannot be changed because it is the fundamental run time of the sim. So it's basically read-only and just a broadcast value, don't expect it to be received when you send it back. I'm not sure if you actually can change the time of day to a specific value from a DLL, please enlighten me what you want to do with that?

    The key command for changing time incrementally has the message Simulation.TimeChange as far as I know, It's saved as <[string8][FunctionID][TimeChange]> in the gc-map.mcf file in the user documents.

    Ah you want to set the time of day...

    Hm, have you tried values from 0 to 1?

    Make sure the message qualifiers are "event value".

    I think the command Simulation.Time with a qualifier "step" does the exact same as pressing the T key or Shift+T per default to change the time of day.

    Which plane are you flying? And in which situation does this occur?

    If it's the A320 and just after takeoff then just retract the flaps to up.

    In the A320 and A380 you can select a speed by pulling the airspeed knob out. Tap on the knob and pull the inner green circle down. To do that.

    If you want to slow down to approach speed you can activate the approach phase in the A320 by pressing the PERF key on the MCDU and then select the key on the left side to activate the approach phase, press again to confirm. Then the autopilot will switch to the approach mode and instead will target the low speed.

    In the B737, B747 and B777 you can should be able to either push the airspeed knob in or you can select a vertical mode like flight level change (FLC) to disable the VNAV that automatically controls the airspeed.

    Keep in mind that when you use the autothrottle you should use the autopilot as well or at least force the autothrottle into the speed mode by selecting the vertical speed mode. It is a real hazard in the real world as well if you fly with autothrottle on and control the pitch manually. If the autothrottle is in CLB mode or DES mode then the engines will either go to full climb thrust or full idle and you have to control the airspeed with pitch, otherwise you overspeed or stall.

    Check out the official tutorials as well:….php/aircraft:airbus_a320…aircraft:boeing_777-300er

    The scenery loading time itself is not that much quicker when you use the new folder convention.

    I'm talking about Aerofly start up time to main menu. Previously the default sim with all DLCs would take maybe 35 seconds to reach the main menu. With the changes to the folder structure it's now more like 10 to 15 seconds. Any new scenery that does not follow the icao or lon/lat method slows down the start process. Because then aerofly has to search through all of the folders, find all of the TSC files, open them, check the coordinates and then close the file. File operations are pretty much the slowest thing in software and even though Aerofly does this in a multithreaded operation you cannot get much faster than the disk read speed which can be really slow. With the new folder naming convention Aerofly can immediately look up the location pretty much without opening any files... If you have 1000s of TSC files it adds up eventually.

    Yes, I also used the addon folder, created a new subdirectory for the Hawaii region and then added the subfolders I mentioned.