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    Wenn Sie Aerofly FS 2 von Steam kaufen dann benötigen Sie lediglich zum Download der Software und für Updates eine Internetverbindung.

    Nach Erstinstallation können Sie Steam im Offline-Modus starten und von dort aus Aerofly FS 2 völlig ohne Internetverbindung nutzen.

    Yes if you don't mind Steam wiping your data or aerofly slowing down or crashing then sure put it in steamapps. But if you care about your own content then use the dedicated user folder which is located in your user documents, Aerofly FS 2 folder.

    These document folders are per windows user and are also protected by different policies, usually steam should not have access to write there at all. Steam is allowed to do whatever in it's own Steam Library folder though. So keep that in mind.

    If you use the official user folder you can also easily share it with a friend or port it to a new computer.

    If you don't want to use default user documents folders you can define an extra user folder on a different drive for example. All you need to do then is change the main configuration text file and add the path to your new user folder there. Inside your new user folder you need to have the same subfolders aircraft and scenery.

    You can have multiple PCs each with Steam installed and you just log into the same Steam account. You can then install Aerofly FS on all of your machines at the same time, there is no need to uninstall it first.

    I think when you try to run a program from Steam it then checks if you are not already running it on another computer at the same time. But you can definitely keep the installation on multiple computers.

    I'd recommend just downloading the software again using Steam.

    You can also copy all of the game files to a removable drive and then copy them to your new machine, which is pretty slow.

    What you can also do if you have multiple drives on your new machine or if you already have a dedicated aerofly drive on the old pc: turn off the computers remove the drive from the new pc, put it in the old one, boot the old one, either tell steam to move the files to the new drive or more copy them manually, then shut down, remove drive from old pc, install on new pc, boot new pc and then open steam and check file integrity. This is more for the advanced user or if you have really slow download speeds.

    If that is the case you might also want to consider just taking your pc to a friend's place who has better internet and download it there. May well be the quickest option.

    It's ok to disagree, it's not okay to call other users bad things or to insult them.

    @KalEl We can either ban your account or if you really want to we can delete it of course. We value your opinion and nobody wants to censor that. But it is in our interest to protect users that are browsing our forums and plain insults, swear words, etc. have to be moderated. This is not censorship but we do not allow such content on our public forums because minors are also active here and insults quickly turn a thread into a mess. So that's why I kept your opinion in there, unchanged, but I removed the last part that you added later on, which called other people names and used other strong language.

    If you want to discuss why the R22 feels less realistic to you now than after the initial publication than please consider opening a new thread just for that topic. We are always in pursuit of the most realistic simulation and if you have valid issues we need to address then we are happy to do so.

    Leaning to the side could have several causes. Check these things for symmetry:

    Rigid property of the jointlinear

    K and D values of the joints


    R0 (y component sign flip)

    Wheelhull K and D and R0

    When the wheelhulls are causing issues then check their K and D values, lower them drastically.

    Regarding the propeller: if you take the propeller part of your 3d model (geometry) and add it to the normal rigidbodygraphics Fuselage GeometryList does it show up then?

    If so then check your R0 of the propeller and Pivot of its graphics, they should be identical. Maybe the log file shows something?

    By the way if you want to share code Here you can use the code block to keep all indentation and have it in a constant width font.

        <[][][]> //like this

    The most common reason for joints breaking is too low masses and too high spring and damping values. This is numerically unstable.

    For starters just set the joint to Rigid = 1, then the parts don't break off.

    Once all parts stay attached that way you can make them non rigid one by one, testing each of these changes.

    If a part just wants to break off all the time or even worse your physics are stuck in a loop constantly reloading the plane, then make the forces really really small and the damping really small, use sensible force and torque max values though. Adjust the masses to be somewhat high, this will make it a lot more stable.

    At this point your gear will be too weak to hold the plane probably but it should no longer break off. You can set your collision hulls to no crash for the moment, then you are sure it wont reset the aircraft.

    Then slowly increase the force constants by one order of magnitude (factor of 10 higher). Do this for individual axes, until you see it breaking, then back of at least by a factor of 1.5 or 2.0.

    Don't increase just one axis and then try to raise the others. You should try to keep all values of the same type (i.e. force or torque in the three dimensions) somewhat at the same value. Having one axis force or rotation constant really high also affects the other axes.

    R0 is the center of mass of the body and the InertiaLength dimensions x, y and z are the main inertia tensor lengths in the direction forward/aft, left/right and up/down, in meters.

    The blue boxes are a representation of a box with these dimensions, they have nothing to do with the collision. Collision is purely done by mesh intersection, so based on your 3d model and the geometries that you add in the collisionhull GeometryList.

    The initial placement is done using the tmc file. There are contact points that need to be placed "under the wheels", the model type has to be set correctly and wing span etc. should be entered correctly as well.

    I'm not 100% sure since it's been a long time since I last programmed airplanes for rc 7... My guess is that your aircraft is constantly crashing by breaking apart and it's instantly resetting giving the graphics thread no valid data to render.

    Check your tm.log file in your user documents aerofly rc 7 folder. Do you see a repeated loading model or placing model message or do you see other error messages?

    I always have difficulties expressing the bling blang sound: when rolling fast on the runway, inside the cockpit, you can hear vibration sounds. This is what I mean about.

    hPa / inHg, yes it can be changed. But I would like it already set on inHg in USA like they do automatically with the 18000 ft USA transition altitude.

    I’ve already added the inHg/hPa region switch in my developer build and it should be available with the next big update.