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    The option.tmc file replaced the repaint.tmr a while ago. It can define the name of a livery but you can also attach new parts to the aircraft available just with that repaint.

    We use this to add new wing tips in the a320, the low skids in the ec135 but you can really get creative with this feature. You could have external loads (that physically add mass to the plane as well as aerodynamic forces), different tire sizes, different landing gear options like skids, floats, wheels, tricycle, tail wheel, 3 bladed prop vs 2 bladed prop, new landing light color (e.g. brighter LED lights), different panel configuration or colors....

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Regarding the sound barrier...

    Breaking through the sound barrier doesn't actually create any sound. It's the flying above the speed of sound and passing over a standing observer who then hears a sonic boom.

    When you sit in the cockpit you don't hear anything at all because you are travelling just as fast as the plane and the shockwave created by the plane is not traveling relative to you ears.

    So when we do add this you still won't hear a thing in the cockpit. And when you use the camera panning around the plane you will hear silence until you are behind the plane. Then you'll hear the sound of the afterburner and wind sound. As you pass the mach angle with your camera view angle it suddenly jumps up in volume, maybe we'll add a slight boom there. But for the real effect you'll have to switch to a stationary observer.

    As of right now this is on our wish list but it requires a major sound engine overhaul. So it's not easy to add in atm.

    Suggestions are always welcome but please don't create another wishlist for aircraft. Everyone has their own personal favorites and we can't add all of them.

    Aside from the usual content that you see in all other flight sims, are there any features that you would love to see in a flight sim that you only see in other games?

    Can you please post the full route so that we can try to replicate the issue?

    The Q400 autopilot is the same as the A320 autopilot. Just with a few internal adjustments in behavior.

    So if it happens in the Q400 it most likely also happens in the A320, B737, B737, B747, LJ45 and King Air (and others I forgot)

    You're not the first to ask for this. I'd love to add everything in a blink of an eye but we can't have too many open construction zones at the same time.

    Pushback is certainly a highly ranked feature and I'm positive that we will add it one day. I'm not sure it's going to be in 2021. Might be. But could also be later.

    As mentioned in the past we want to properly simulate the physics for the push back truck. This means, unlike in many other flight sims, the wheels of the truck will steer it and the plane will receive physical force to be pushed back. That also means implementing some really complicated control laws to steer the truck in a straight line or on a defined curve.

    If you have driven a car backwards with a trailer you know how tricky it can be. But now that trailer has a steerable axle like you see on some trucks.... yikes.

    Some pushback trucks are easier because they just lift the nose gear altogether.

    Pushback requires some work on our airports as well. The start position needs to be added and we have to define where the truck should stop. Multiply this by 300+ airports and you know how much work there is to be done for this to happen.

    The texture resolution in the cockpit is a function of device specs as far as I know. On the best devices you should see a higher resolution.

    We also have to balance the texture size for all aircraft. They take up a ton of space and we can only load so much into your device memory before the app is shut down by the operating system.

    These are the rudder trims. If one engine fails (which you can do in the a320 for example) the aircraft yaws towards the side of the failed engine because the remaining engine is still pushing forward and the other one creates drag.

    To compensate you have to apply opposite rudder and you have to keep hoping a lot of it.

    The pilot applies rudder trim to relief the rudder pedal forces. In the a320 and b777 the fly by wire also automatically compensates thrust asymmetries but currently this is not implemented.

    The main config doesn't save anything like that. You could copy the same file to a new pc and have totally different hardware.

    As Aerofly FS starts it checks your graphics card capabilities. And whenever we perform a new task that can run independent we create a new thread. The operating system then decides on which CPU core it can execute the thread.