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    I agree that we would like to change or edit the payload of an aircraft but through a dedicated menu in the sim not an external aircraft editor.

    We don't plan on making an editor for cameras. All cameras can be changed by simple text editors. And we believe the default camera views should just about cover any angle, so we would rather talk about which camera views you need added to benefit everyone than making an editor for a handful of people.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    If you have a gaming laptop, Aerofly FS 4 is the way to go. Yes, may be more expensive but the performance and resolution will be way better! Loading times and view distance will also be greatly improved on the PC version.

    Fuel flows through gravity if the fuel pumps are off. Inside each engine and in the APU there is a separate high pressure fuel pump which can suck fuel as well to a certain extent. So it's realistic that engines can be started and keep running with the fuel pumps off in aircraft where the engines are hanging below the wing.

    Fuel pumps in the wings serve the purpose of delivering fuel under higher pressure so that there is no vacuum created in the fuel lines where air bubbles could form. This could cause cavitation and damages to important parts and could also impact a stable fuel supply. They are also very important to keep the engine running in turbulence as there may be periods of negative g-load where the engine might otherwise flame out due to temporary lack of fuel.

    I guess the short answer would be twice as much work. You want the long answer too.

    It would not be a simple case of replacing a low poly switch with a high poly switch. Both switches would need to be fully modelled and then UV mapped. Simple enough for a single switch but imaging doing this for the pilots seat for example. Building an aircraft from scratch is already time consuming, I have so far been working for some 2 months and I can safely imagine another 6 or 7.

    In theory I could build an aircraft with no exterior at all and use all those wasted polygons for more detail in the cockpit, which, let's face it, is where we all should fly from. Its a flight simulator not a fashion show. But, I think the user base might throw a few tantrums if I did. I used to build custom models for P3D hardware simulators which contained only parts of the aircraft that the pilot could see and a landing lights/taxi setup. In the case of the hardware Vulcan simulator, it was landing/taxi light and a refuel probe, everything else couldn't be seen.

    Question to Master Kenobi. Why does everything in the cockpit look smaller than it should. For example, a 2 inch gauge looks more like a 1.25 inch gauge.

    Double check your distance of the camera to the gauge and also check if you exported in the correct units and scaling.

    Two versions of the same model just calls for trouble down the road and I would recommend against it. Imagine you want to change something or add something. Now that's twice the work and you have to update both versions and keep them in sync.

    Computers are very fast, it shouldn't really be a big issue, not even on older devices. It's 2024 not 1999.