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    The main benefit of Aerofly is that you can quickly re-position on the map to fly a landing or takeoff for example. Or load it from cruise and then set up a route to your destination and fly the approach, etc.

    And the map is now big enough that you will already fly at one or two hours when you start in KSFO and fly east without leaving the high res. map.

    I can't really believe anyone would want to fly long haul flights over several hours on mobile...

    The B777 project was finished because we had already but in the work to create the 3d model and because we had literally thousands of users asking for it.

    You are obviously not reading the many private messages that Steve and I are exchanging (how could you) so how can you judge how much support we are providing him. You're looking at it from the outside where you can't see the support that is going on.

    Regarding a turbine helicopter: we are hearing your requests and we are happy to hear that the first helicopter spiked your interest for more helicopters.

    The landing gear on the B777-300ER is a bit special in that it locks the lower part of the gear horizontal for takeoff and switches to a damping mode for landing. This is currently not simulated correctly but to give you similar takeoff performance with the tail skid plate doing it's job properly (and not the lower belly of the fuselage taking a hit) we added a torsion spring for now. This is going to change soon.

    You guys did a great job with the B777. I hope that in the future some BUGs will be corrected, for example when you set the QNH to a different value it will not change the altitude of the run way or by activating the wiper button you will not see any effect. I also hope that the FMC has improved, for example by opening the LEGS page the WAYPOINTS are not shown. Well ... I hope you can use it fully like the A320. Thanks anyway. You are the best.

    Well when there is rain I'm pretty sure the wipers will move as well :)

    What do you mean with the runway altitude doesn't change? Of course it doesn't it would be bad if it changed. I think you're expecting the landing altitude shown on the PFD to change with the barometric pressure setting, is that what you mean?

    Not all pages of the CDUs are working yet. We have major changes upcoming in the flight plans, adding the Legs page would double to work for that page. This has to wait for the right time but I certainly want to add this in at some point. Please keep in mind that this is sort of a niche feature for a smaller fraction of the users. And it takes a long time to add these new pages because they contain a lot of information and offer a lot of functions.

    Glad you're enjoying the B77W and the checklist feature :)

    Just wait for the Steam version change log, which will list all of the changes that you already see in the Aerofly FS 2020.

    One example: B747 got more CDU pages

    The A320 is several years ahead. Sure I'd love to bring the B777 to a same level but don't underestimate how much work already went into the A320. (my baby :) ) Of course we'll continue working on the B777 as we do with the other aircraft. Over time you will see more and more systems being added. Including engine start.

    The black parts on the engines are caused by the limitations of the graphics performance. We can't render a shiny gloss there like we do on the PC version.

    We have a lot of plans for the future, having adjustable payload and fuel is certainly on the todo list, so is cold and dark start up.

    The A380 menus are quite complex and require a different approach to how we implemented the B777 checklists for example.

    I may be able to get the checklists working on the A380 but the MCDUs are not quite possible.

    Ipacs is gone for the mobile version, probably more financially profitable, but guys, a mobile version this is not simulation, sorry.

    Not true, as we said many times before: A new mobile version doesn't mean we abandoned the desktop version. They go hand in hand and we're already looking forward to pushing out that next big update! :)

    Regarding the other things, we're quite busy with our next big features. If we go quiet it is because we're hard at work. :)