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    Because the electrical system is not modeled in the extra yet that means no starter is available. And without the option to restart the engine shutting the engine down shouldn't be allowed, which is why the mixture is currently has no effect in the Extra.

    That is a good idea, so essentially you want the brakes to be less sensitive for differential braking for small brake differences. We have to check if we can tune this somehow, might not be easy, so please give us a bit of time to work this out.

    The main use of the copilot is on mobile devices. The autopilot was expanded and got more complex, so much so that the old interface was no longer working, since there were too many differences between the different autopilots. We wanted to make the experience more unified and thus added the copilot, which is available in all aircraft, regardless weather or not they have an autopilot. The copilot is capable of controlling the autopilot but can do much more, as you already found out. From takeoff to landing on any runway, flying a full traffic pattern, heck even an entire route from takeoff to finish...

    Even as a hardcore simmer on desktop you'll find uses for the copilot. On the first stage of engagement it just holds your current flight path, which means you can assign a key to the copilot and press it mid flight and it will take over control. And it works even on aircraft that don't usually have this autopilot like level of comfort. This is like pausing the sim and letting go of the controls without actually freezing in mid air.

    In the future I want the copilot to take over many other tasks. E.g. I don't like following yellow lines on the tarmac especially when there is a crosswind and I need to run the cockpit scan. By the time I look back outside I am in the grass. Goal should be that the copilot can taxi the aircraft for me while I am busy with other things.

    The user interface on mobile is mostly limited by space available on smaller devices, for the full realism we offer a product that runs on pc, mac or even linux, where you can connect any number of input devices and have free options to assign any slider that you want.

    You can already do a lot on mobile, e.g. use the touch input to trim the aircraft. Not ideal because you need to look down. You can also just engage the copilot for a few seconds which will also trim out your aircraft.

    Brakes and airbrakes are both on the slider that also controls the throttle, pull them down and you can adjust airbrakes and brakes.

    Trim doesn't really need any adjustments if leave the auto-trim on. With that enabled your trim will be adjusted when you keep holding the elevator input deflected.

    We're all for realism which is why we want to improve on the fuel system. But there are more people than you might think that prefer to fly around in a carefree manner, e.g. full afterburner f18 to the moon and back.

    Even I use the infinit fuel option in other simulators, e.g. when I do landing practices. Sure it's fun to fly a go around in a heavy with only 200 kgs of fuel left... see how far you get. But after crashing a few times and having to restart the others simulator which sometimes takes more than 5 minutes... that is a bit too much penalty for my taste and so I set airplanes to un-damageable and having infinite fuel :)

    We can add that engines go out after the fuel runs out but after about a day we'll get the first requests for "infinit fuel". So unless we can offer that option we don't want to force all users to keep track of their fuel, especially since you cannot yet adjust the fuel that you start with. But once this is added the engines will probably spool down when your fuel runs out.

    Again, when the time for the full fuel simulation comes including reducing the mass of the tanks then there will be options to change the fuel on board.

    My current implementation of the fuel system actively vents fuel overboard when the fuel tank is full which is not ideal, I can check if that is an easy fix. Then I could increase the fuel capacity but right now we got much bigger things on the agenda.

    Welcome to the world of aviation where everyone thinks their units are best and only the unit of time seems to be a commonly agreed thing.
    Don't worry, once we add more advanced options for fuel or weight and balance you will probably get the option to switch to your preferred unit system.

    As long as your fuel burn and your fuel amount is measure with respect to the same units you should have no issue of having a feel for when it's about to run dry since the fuel quantity divided by the fuel burn always yields time in the same unit. In pounds it just uses 2.2x as much fuel looking at each number.

    If you asked a physicist they would probably change everything to kg and meter/second in an instant. And most airlines in Europe use kg exclusively, runway lengths are indeed measured in meters over here and probably almost everywhere outside the US and more and more airlines in the US are also changing over to the international standard unit of mass, which is the kilogram.

    Since nowadays both the foot and the pound are defined by their SI-unit counter parts these units are mere factors that are there to confuse us :)

    We're using SI units in Aerofly because we never want to worry about units during our calculations.

    Why don't you ask the manufacturer and they couldn't stick to the international standard... he he :)

    I guess we're stuck with altitudes in feet and speed in knots, because of the nice separation of 1000ft (305m) between aircraft, nice 250kt/10000ft speed limit (instead of 128m/s, 3048m). China and Russia are indeed using metric altitudes already.

    Are you using any external software that affects the weather?

    What kind of assignments do you use for visibility?

    Does this happen when you use aerofly in Safe-Mode?

    I wonder why IPACS would want to separate pilot body from pilot head? Maybe so we could see body/arms/legs as standard while in VR? Perhaps that’s a step towards hand tracking and hand cockpit interaction while in VR?

    We described that in other posts, yes you can show the pilot body in the pilot seat now. The option is not finalized, for now there is a main config setting for it.