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    Well 1.0 is the only setting that simulates at the same speed as in real life. For all aircraft! 1.0 is the only setting that is realistic.
    Using anything but 1.0 is just for training purposes when you cannot keep up with the real speed of things happening.

    If you set it to 2.0 for example 1 second in front of your computer is 2 seconds in sim time. Everything is then happening twice as fast as it would in the real world.

    Higher figures are just there to save you as a person in front of the screen some time when you fly straight and level and don't want to wait hours to get to your destination.


    The aerofly has a certain ambient light in the night so that you can still see things even on an ipad in a bright surrounding. As Adak mentioned, the real moon light can be pretty bright. And this is always the case in with a clear sky in the aerofly FS. Its not unrealistic its just not what we are used to see from our cameras. But our eyes can pick up more light than they can.

    On that topic:

    Have you ever flown from a lit up city to a lake or ocean? You suddenly lose all orientation! It even scared me in a simulator few days ago. As soon as the last few lamps are out of the sight its all pitch black. And if the water then reflects the stars all hope is lost. Good thing I had an artificial horizon otherwise I would have been doomed with my instable helicopter :D


    Hello Steve,

    The speed controlles how fast the simulation time runs. It can fast forward or slow down the simulation.
    If you decrease the speed you might be able to learn a certain maneuver and then speed up the time until you can do it in "real time"
    And if want to get from A to B faster you increase the speed.

    The speed does not affect the flight behaviour than thus does not make an aircraft more or less realisic.

    Most simulation cables for transmitters directly output the stick inputs and ignore their own inbuild mixers, digital trim settings for the aircraft and functions like expo. If you want to fly with expo then its possible to set that in the advanced settings of the aerofly rc 7.

    If the trim of your transmitter does nothing then its the "fault" of its hardware or software.
    The aerofly simulator can only work with the input it receives at the computer side of the cable. If the trim is never send through the cable then you cannot trim the aircaft with your input device.

    I hope that helped you a little!



    I agree with you, Adak, for the most part. We need a combination of both, system depth and multiplayer. I know several people who don't want to buy the aerofly yet because its missing a multiplayer.

    My suggestion is splitting the multiplayer:
    Have a derp around multiplayer (easy mp), where you can join any time and just have fun
    and secondly a more professional multiplayer (pro mp) where you get banned for not following certain rules.
    You'd maybe have to do certain missions in the simulator before even be able to join to that pro mp. And redo some of them if you get banned? (just ideas)

    [OT] How cool would it be to challenge each other with missions? Say you just saw your friend do a horrible landing. If you then dare him to do the "spot landing challenge" 10 times he can get some credit points or extra archievents if he does it. [/OT]

    Do you know VATSIM or even Pilot Edge?

    Vatsim is an online network/multiplayer where you file a flightplan and then connect to it with FSX, P3D or X-Plane. You then get to enjoy real people as controllers, fly-ins with a lot of serious simulation pilots from those simulators and usually a more professional environment. Trolls are very rare and banned really quickly. -> Amateur to professionals

    Pilot Edge is basicly the same thing except that you have to pay for the service and get real life controllers! And you can do virtual exams that are as hard as real life ones -> professionals

    Vatsim would be an amazing addition to the aerofly FS when we have a decent navigation system with real navigation data (including world wide airways, SIDs and STARs).



    well, if both props are spinning in the same direction, as it does for a lot of twin engines, you get all the torque effects. And I think the Baron is one of those aircraft. (Did you know that a lot of airliners have two identical engine, that spin in the same direction?)

    Aerofly also simulates gyroscopic forces. If you pitch up the nose of the aircraft will move left or right depending on the direction of rotation of the prop. This effect is very easily noticeable on the Camel Biplane but is present for all rotating objects in the aerofly, like it is in the real world.

    You can test if your devices are calibrated if a glider flies perfectly straight with controls neutral.
    If they fly straight, then all asymmetric effects you encounter are likely to be intended.


    Because it will look like this:

    You cannot look through the glass for some camera angles. As soon as you turn the camera the glass becomes transparent. But its not if the camera vector and the surface normal are close to 90° (the vector product becomes 0)


    Hi Rodeo,

    I noticed that it works fine even when they are not closed.
    How do you create a canopy with a water prove 3d object? The aerofly renders the inside like a very shiny surface that is not transparent in all directions (its dependent on the viewing angle). Untill now I just removed all triangles facing to the inside. I know professional models do some shader trick, but I don't know how that is done. Maybe someone can tell me? :D


    You can use Metasequoia, you don't have to. There are converter tools for AutoCAD3D, 3Ds Max and a few more. Only meta and ac3d are published I think. So if you use other tools than its best to kindly ask the ipacs support for help.

    The "animation" is done in the aircraft configuration/definition file .tmd.
    Physics and graphics are seperated in that file. Rigidbodies, aerodynamicsl wings, etc. are defined in the dynamics section of the .tmd file and linked to the 3D model objects (LeftWing, Fuselage, and so on) in the graphics section. And there is also a sound section.

    All parts that shall rotate independent or brake lose have to be a seperate object in the 3D model. Each object can only have one texture file attached to it. You can put multiple objects on one texture but not the other way around. Its better to have one huge texture than one texture for each part. The aerofly is optimized to join objects that share the same texture and increase the performance by doing so.
    Also 3D parts should be water-prove, which, I think, makes the shadow calculation better or faster. At least the converter for mqo files throws errors at you, which you can ignore, but you don't have to :D

    The animation is most likely a hinged body, like flaps and so on. They define an axis and a pivot and take an input as the deflection control, in most cases that is the same actuator that also controlls the flaps on the wings, but it does not have to be. A landing gear is animated in the physics section, because we want the landing gear to brake off at a certain point :D
    A clock for example has no real physics to it. Most of its code would be in the graphics section and each pointer would need an independant 3d object.

    Creating aircraft is actually not really that complicated, it just takes time.
    A huge time component is creating a good looking 3D model with color, bump/normal, gloss/reflection, alpha, ambient,... mappings, which you already have a lot of experience in, I figure, and secondly adjusting the parameters so that the aircraft flies like the original. The more information you can get about the aircraft, the easier this process becomes.

    Have an awesome week,


    XP can be a good simulator, too. I use it for training as well. Its aerodynamics are not as great as the aerofly's, of course, but they are (a whole lot) better than fsx aerodynamics!

    For me a good mixture of all simulators does the job.
    And I don't think that any other sim is "stealing" costumers from aerofly.

    Each simulator has its down side for the "professional simmers", so you only get everything by buying each sim:
    You either have bad graphics with horrible frame rates with incredible system depth (FSX) or
    not as deep systems, better aerodynamics, one of the worst user interface I've ever seen, but at least fluid until it melts your GPU (X-Plane) or amazing looking scenery and aircraft with realistic flight behaviour, a nice user interface, when the gpu goes back to sleep while maintaining stable FPS (AeroflyFS) but without much system depth (yet, maybe).

    I don't think Aerofly will be available for free in the future.
    How would they earn money with that?
    Advertisements? No thank you :D - "If something is for free you may be the product."



    the aerofly pro deluxe and the aerofly5, rc7 and fs use an encrypted 3D model. And only the af5, rc7 and fs are compatible for the most part. Its not possible to get the original model back from the afpd aircraft and convert it into the rc7 format. Therefor a new Christen Eagle 3D model is needed. Creating a 3D model takes a lot of time if you want it to look O.K.

    If you had a 3D model its not too too complicated to convert an afpd aircraft to the newer aeroflys.

    Have a great day,

    Hi everyone,

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Looking forward to the next year,
    the next desktop version of the aerofly FS
    and your responses to it.

    Also a huge thank you to all visitors of my website.
    It makes my quite happy to see that new aeroflyFS add-ons
    still show such a big increase in the view count.

    As Gary already adressed, happy landings!

    Die Ipacs Modelle sind soweit ich weiß Lizenz-gebunden. Also selbst wenn jemand gegen die Urheber-Rechte verstoßen sollte und hier versucht ein Produkt kostenfrei zu verteilen wird es wohl nicht klappen.

    Sorry... Aber ich finde auch, Ipacs könnte mal ein Rc7 - Update für Mac liefern!



    er wird nach links (quer zur Flugrichtung!) geworfen jedoch ohne einen Werfer dafür zu verwenden.
    Eben in die tmd geschaut - Das Modell hat keine hooks definiert.



    seit heute ist 7.3.1 die aktuelle version... aber das nur am Rande.
    Der Treiber der Graphikkarte ist auch aktuell, daran sollte es nicht liegen.

    Hast du mal in die tm.log Datei geschaut? Eventuell steht dort nach einem Absturz ein Hinweis!
    (zu finden unter "C:\Users\DeinBenutzername\Documents\aerofly RC 7\")

    Wir haben einen ähnlichen Fehler auch mal bemerkt beim freitag-abendlichen Fliegen. Es wird defintiv dadurch verursacht, dass ein anderer Spieler ein neues Modell lädt. Wir konnten es aber nicht reproduzieren. Es trat bei verschiedenen Modellen auf und auch nur relativ selten.

    Mir ist der Aerofly auch mal abgestürzt, als ich Master war und nur die Wolken aktualisieren wollte. Eventuell liegt da ein Zusammenhang vor...
    In welchen Szenerien trat bei dir der Absturz auf? Waren es ausschließlich 4D-Szenerien?


    Hello IPACS,

    thank you very much for this update!
    It's really great to have a glider with a retractable jet-engine, a STOL aircraft and a lot more helicopters.

    I just added a bunch of the new aircraft to my favorites!
    I love the new Porter PC-6, it makes a lot of fun. And it spins pretty good, very realistic!

    Thanks again!

    - Jan

    Ah, I remember now. Yeah they reduced the deflection so that most of the users would have fun flying the Extra 330! I'm sorry I always think of the aeroflyFS as a desktop simulator where everything is extremely realistic...
    I guess it still its the same as before then.