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    That is z-fighting of the taxiway lines. When you fly closer to the ground it should disappear at some point.

    Which side of the airport is this or does this happen on all taxiways in Denver?

    Does this only happen in Denver or also at other airports?

    What device are you using?

    (No cockpit or cockpit interactions though)

    That alone takes thousands of hours of work or in other words a lot of money. The RC version also doesn't have the necessary detail level required to use that model in full scale. It would require a completely new model and at that point you can chose any aircraft.

    The MD-11 is a great aircraft but we are currently not working on it and there are no plans on adding it to the fleet at this time.

    It took a year because you are a small dev team. Don't take me wrong. I love Aerofly. It got me in to flight sim and it keeps me there because of vr. I just worry about the future cause things are slow and there are some big players at the horizon with VR promises coming up. You are a small dev team and you have your pace and I've bought everything from all third party devs and the community must be one of the best out there. But I still worry. Ipacs will survive but only because of mobile... Hope I'm wrong❤️

    A lot of the time for the development was spent on evaluating different approaches and parameters with real world pilots and real world flight data. It's not easy to obtain real world flight data and was quite time consuming. I don't think a bigger company would be faster here unless they really throw a lot of money at it and buy new equipment for horrendous amounts of money to be able to do flight tests in parallel. But they still would have to wait for the right weather conditions and would for the pilots to have enough time (or spend even more money). One could also cut corners in the product quality to speed things up but this is clearly not what we are doing. We put quality first and we try to do all things for the long run.

    E.g. our graphics engine is running so quickly because throughout the entire development process quality was prioritized. And with that I mean code that is well thought out for the long run, scale-able, efficient and using modern techniques. You can't just blow up an old graphics engine and then try to optimize it and expect to get the same results.

    To draw a parallel to airplanes:

    One tactic would be to build a brand new aircraft using only the latest materials, latest engines and airfoils. This allows you to do everything right this time. Already drill in holes where you need to add something later, even though it takes time to prepare for the future. This obviously is not cheap and takes a lot of time for development.

    The other option would be to keep the old design and put new engines under it. This second method involves moving the engines forward and up because they don't fit under the wings because the landing gear was not designed with bigger engines in mind. But moving the engines and the huge cowlings has unwanted side effects when s*** get's real and it get's harder to recover from a stall. You could then add a new feature to try and patch that problem which may lead to unwanted side effects or even crashes because you may not have enough time left before the "release". Then you need to add another bug fix to fix the first bug fix. But you can't redesign too much or else you lose "backwards compatibility" and the pilots will need new training. Of course you too have to make the cockpit new and shiny and add all the latest features. It has to look like a major step forward and state of the art.

    And it probably is alright and safe to fly this re-engined aircraft once the initial issues have been sorted out. I'd be happy to fly it for the first time. But in the end the new design is much more efficient and uses way less fuel, has better handling qualities and is probably more user friendly in many ways. From the clean cockpit interfaces to the wider passenger seats to the easier maintenance at much longer intervals.

    (Sorry for the long post. )

    it still to this day amazes me that a flight sim was released without a rotary aircraft. And now, this far down the line, we have only one.
    I wonder how much longer we have to wait this year?

    You do realize that the development of the R22 took almost a year? That's why we didn't delay the release for the entire flight sim and the other 20+? aircraft that it comes with. Outstanding helicopter flight physics are not implemented just like that.

    Welcome to the community :)

    Some of our basic tutorials can be found on our website:

    E.g. check out the flight planning and instrument navigation

    And the more in-depth step-by-step flight tutorials are over in our wiki:

    A320 (also for beginners):….php/aircraft:airbus_a320

    Learjet 45:…u.php/aircraft:learjet_45

    We're expanding these over time and please ask questions, we're all here for you.

    1 This is a limitation of the shaders on mobile but we can try and create a work around
    1.1 Known issue we'll fix that
    1.2 Please elaborate. The steering works great and the nose gear damper also works well. Not sure that should be solved here since it works as it should. What do you mean with wing curvature? Wing flex?

    1.3 The B747 is based on many photos can you show us exactly what you mean? It looks very realistic to me.

    1.4 What part?

    1.5 The Q400 spoilers work realistically. They extend when you move the power levers into the beta range. They don't extend on their own after touch down as in real life. What exactly do you think needs fixing here?

    2. Which airport is missing a parking position? What kind of new views would you like to have?

    Thanks for the info. I think the 20k thing might be a red herring. Tried another route and it was also 20, but then tried a shorter one and it was 15, which makes sense. Using the PC DVD version.

    I think the Auto-throttle is somehow related to my controller. I’ve got a CH Products USB Pro Throttle. I’ve tried playing with sensitivity and dead zone, but the 777 auto-throttle just doesn’t seem to want to engage whatever the settings. If I temporarily disable the controller in settings, the auto-throttle works, but as soon as I re-enable it, it won’t. The throttle levers aren’t visibly changing when the controller is enabled and I don’t touch it, and the N1 figures don’t change either.

    That's interesting. This should affect other airplanes too though and not be isolated to the B777.

    Can you delete all throttle assignments and reassign them? Maybe there is another axis assigned that is causing this issue.

    To recalibrate you can just press the back button and then resume the flight.

    Or quickly flip your device upside down :)

    But yeah, whenever the autopilot disengages or the copilot is turned off it would be good to recalibrate.