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    I have several models , notably a discus launched model in RC7 I would love to be able to fly in RC8 as there are none that I can find, That would be nice to be able to convert for RC8.

    I am on here very seldom but do think I remember talk that this (conversion) would be available when RC8 was fresh out.


    also any links to download sites not on this forum that might have DLGs or other?


    I fly discus launched gliders and was disappointed RC8 does not seem to have even one. I had a model for RC7 a Stobel I think, can I copy that to the aircraft directory?

    I am hoping in the future for models like more FPV racing multicopters. Especially mini ones like a Tiny Whoop (Blade Inductrix) or brushless ones. And maybe a house based racing course!

    Some more small EPP profile 3d aerobatic planes would be nice as they are extremely popular in the US.

    EPP slope gliders, Weasel, Alula, Le-Fish, and lightweight un-powered aerobatic wing


    I finally got all the files. I had been redirecting the downloads to the downloads folder and for some reason this caused the setup file to not download.

    I can't imagine the logic behind sending downloads to my Documents but whatever works.

    Support ticket person must have never read my problem as all they said was to run the setup file! not a good sign

    I just purchased an update from rc7 ultimate and ran the down-loader. It downloaded 4 .bin files (about 2 hours) how do I run these or even open them? Searching comes up with info that these are old CD or DVD image files and can be burnt to a DVD or opened in a virtual drive. I can't imagine it should be so complicated.

    Please some info would be wonderful.

    Jparia, not to put down your efforts, the repaints you have done a beautiful but what I originally asked and was asking again is about creating completely new planes, something that is not offered in the RC7.

    Any updates on software for user planes or for converting ones from AF5, AFPD ? I see planes here,(in the download thread not the repaints in this thread) are they all created by insiders who have access to something, or just smart enough to know how?

    I have heard some comments from fliers while flying online but only rarely (and unfortunately not in English) I have enabled the microphone and when I use it I can see the green light go on but no-one ever replies. Is this function working in AF7 reliably? I only tried it in AF5 once or twice and I don't remember if it was working correctly. Any tips or ways to confirm?
    Thanks, Alex

    I am wondering if the user created planes for Aerofly 5 will work on RC7. I don't see a single Discus Launched Glider or Side Arm Launch one. User created planes and sceneries were one of the best attributes of the earlier Aerofly versions but never really took off in version 5.
    Also will there be an airplane design program or airplane converter to use the large content of planes that were created for AFPD?

    I don't read German so missed the bit about manually adding the Key # from my Aerofly 5 (other upgrades have checked automatically on install in the past) I have sent My # by email to Support but hope someone here in Support will help, I got a reply but no info (it may have just been an automated confirmation) Thank you.

    I ordered but never got to check out and pay or download. I got an Email with an order number but no links to anything more.
    Is this really available now?