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    Hi Agi,

    "Do you like the coloring? If I make it more green it will get a greenish tint like in MSFS and also it won't be as seamless with the surrounding lower resolution scenery."

    - - The colours are very good in my opinion!

    "The current scenery is 120cm per pixel and only rendered up to level 14 - is this good enough?"

    - - This already looks very nice! Although higher is always better there is a certain point where it makes no sense anymore.

    "Is there any interrest at all?"

    - - There certainly is! :)

    Bests, Joe

    Sure it "can", but it is not certified for aerobatics.

    The EC135 rotorsystem is very similar to the Bo105. However the bearingless rotor is not designed for "unusual" loads. Theoreticaly it can do most of the stuff, the Bo can, as well.

    You can prove it quite easily. Just try it in the sim. The Aerodynamics and mechanics and so on are completely SIMULATED. There is no fake in there. There might or might not be minor differences in feeling or handling but the general simulation is very good and reflects what a real higeless rotorsystem does.

    (Just like our R22 reflects a tethering rotor very well)

    Do you have a recommendation?

    Any spring centred Joystick will also do just fine for the EC. The EC135 has a force trim system which generates a rather stiff centring of the stick just where you set it to be centred but there is no mode that disables the force trim completely despite pressing the trim button constantly. So if you keep that in mind a spring less joystick is not really the best choice for the EC135.

    A VERY good (in fact the best I've ever tried) joystick is the VKB gunfighter preferably with stick extension. You can set it up just like you want. It is a bit pricy but totally worth it and definitely worth a closer look.

    Bests, Joe

    ...the little Robbie is fun as well ;)

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    Moin Jens,

    das Problem ist weniger die Leistung, als der fehlende seitliche Auftrieb bedingt durch den gedrungenen Rumpf. Man kann Messerflug machen, aber eben nicht stationär. Alle Messerflugfiguren beim Original sind entweder schnell geflogen, so dass die Energie recht bald verbraucht ist, oder "fake" (also extreme Slips, bei denen die Tragflächen einen Teil des Auftriebs mitübernehmen).
    Wir haben bei unseren Testflügen mit dem Original sowohl normalen Kunstflug gemacht, als auch viele Testmanöver um Rückschlüsse auf bestimmte aerodynamische Größen ziehen zu können. Als Beispiel in diesem Zusammenhang waren auch Kreisflüge ohne Querneigung auf dem Programm. All das wurde aus 3 verschiedenen Positionen gefilmt. Die Auswertungen dessen sind komplett ins Flugmodell eingeflossen und hinterher wurde alles noch finegetuned um das Feeling des Originals möglichst gut rüberzubringen.
    Ich schätze, dass wir es bei dem Flieger geschafft haben, die Extra 330LX sehr exakt nachzubilden. :)
    Schau mal dieses Video hier:

    und vergleiche es mit diversen Videos bei Youtube:

    z.B. dem hier:

    Gruß, Joachim

    P.S. Ich empfehle dringend, die Extra330LX mal im Original zu fliegen wenn du die Möglichkeit hast. Du wirst begeistert sein :) Das ist echt ein geiles Teil.

    Hi José,

    the flight dynamics are already in the current version. The changes are between "Aerofly FS 1" and "Aerofly FS 2". We have changed several smaller things, for example:
    - stall behaviour is now even more realistic
    - very high alpha behaviour is far better (suitable for knife edge spins and tumblings for example)
    - tail slides are now possible realisticly (the physics in "Aerofly FS 1" weren't suitable for doing that on a motorplane)
    - roll rate slightly decreased in high airspeeds
    - propeller produces serious drag now when engine is in idle
    - flight model is now smoother
    - many more minor changes which make it feel more natural and realistic.

    Bests, Joachim

    Options are always difficult because you need an extra menu item for it. This does not fit into "KIS" philosophy.
    Anyway, I don't like it as well. Lets see what the main devs say.

    Bests, Joachim

    OK, tried it.

    You're right, elevator deflection is not big enough anymore to stall the plane in the mobile version. They made it to make flying more easy because it can be difficult on a small device. But that is certainly to much. A spin is impossible now.

    I'll ask for a better handling for the Extra.

    Bests, Joachim