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    Create a new blank model in the transmitter. Name it "Simulator" or whatever you want.

    While in the system menu, go to "trainer" and select "Wired Trainer". Once there select "Slave".

    Save these settings.

    Now TURN OFF the transmitter, and plug the cord in and try again. It should now work.

    Remember you MUST leave the transmitter OFF.


    1. On this forum many of the threads are in German and are of no help. I have selected English, but still see many in German. Could these be translated (also English to German or even other languages) somehow so we all can benefit. Steve O.

    Open a German top level thread.

    Copy the URL and paste it to

    Now everything will be translated for you.

    It's not perfect, but it works pretty well.

    The Steam version of Aerofly seems to be exhibiting the following problems with Windows 10:

    - When the program is launched, Windows 10 prompts about the program running in "compatibility mode".
    The non-steam version does not do this.
    - If the Steam overlay is enabled when the program is initially launched, the user is presented with a blank screen. Ipacs seems to be aware of this and recommending that user's disable the overlay.
    - If Aerofly is installed to the default C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam folder structure, Aerofly RC7 is unable to sometimes write out configuration and modification files.
    - After a clean Windows 10 install Aerofly needs non-Microsoft video driver updates to have the needed OpenGL DLL files available.

    On the DX9 you have to explicitly enable "trainer" mode, as the default is to disable it.

    So your best bet is to create a new model memory slot on the DX9 then set it up to be used for buddy boxing using PPM wired mode.

    If you have one of the newer wireless Buddy Box DX radios, you'll have to revert it to WIRED MODE.

    Next turn OFF the DX9 and plug it into the USB adapter. The DX9 must remain OFF. Check the inputs in Windows. You should see the stick movements in in the control panel properties pages.

    I hate the non-Steam DRM. It not good for paying customers.

    I am forced to wait on tedious e-mail exchanges to be able to use the software I paid for, thanks to both the Activation mechanism and operating system (now Windows 10) updates.

    IMHO the normal Steam DRM mechanisms are much better and do not inconvenience the customer. Even the Game Commander was better....

    Does the Steam version of Aerofly RC7 require all of this "activation" DRM Nonsense?

    Yup that is what I had assumed.

    Does the Steam version have these same activations restrictions? Or does it work like most other Steam programs, that you can install the program as many times as you want on different systems, but you can only use it with your own Steam account?

    I prefer the Stream DRM model as it is has no big adverse effects on the end user.

    The digital trims are handled as a completely separate USB signal to the simulator. They do not appear as "buttons" nor joystick inputs, but if you throw an analyzer on the USB bus you do see their effects/pulses.

    The sim records the trim settings in the aircraft's configuration file each time the trim is altered.

    A keyboard solution is better than nothing, and it is doubtful to be as unfriendly as having no simulated digital trims.

    You could offer the option of disabling the simulated digital trims as a default or assigning them to other secondary controllers and/or buttons for other control devices.

    As Megatherion said other controllers DO provide button presses as trim inputs, something that Aerofly cannot deal with now to adjust the trim. My Hotas system does that as do many other flight controllers.

    This would be a welcome addition if you can do it.

    Hint: More 3D airfields please! The island airfields are AWESOME!

    Ok, maybe I was wrong about the percentage :) ...I have not read about any complains regarding the trim settings for the past three years...

    Silence does not mean this is not desired. Ipaqs mentioned attempting to support something like this previously and I for one have been waiting for it.

    But why don't you just edit the affected aircrafts and save them as modifications ("edited version")? Then the "trim" gets saved for each individual aircraft!

    That's a long and laborious workaround for something that would be better handled by a modification to the sim.

    Neophytes could not cope with changing incidence angles etc. but would have no problem understanding that to trim out a plane diving to the ground, they hit PG-UP or a digital trim on a USB controller.

    Even real TX's hooked up to Aerofly have problems with the trim settings being changed when a new model is loaded and using the previous TX trims.

    This is the most elegant solution for this trim problem. You load the aircraft and its trimmed as you left it. It is allready there! :confused:

    No it's not "elegant", instead it's a brute force "kludge".

    Implementing some form of digital trims is far more realistic and comparable to what we have on our real TX's.

    Yes you need to center the trim before loading the next aircraft. You would have to do the same thing if you are flying in real live out one the rc flying site.

    You must own a very old RC transmitter.

    All modern transmitters permit you to adjust the trim settings of the particular RC model you are flying at the moment WHILE the plane is in flight.

    Once done there is no "centering" or anything like that before you switch planes. Rather your trim settings are saved WITH THE PLANE's configuration in the TX.

    Switch to another plane and the TX picks up the previous trim settings for that plane too... and if you don't switch planes in the TX, then the TX and RX refuse to "talk" to one another which is itself another safety feature.

    The user does not have to adjust anything... same for helis, quads, sailplanes, etc.

    I own seven different TX's and they all do this. The oldest is almost 10 years old and it too has digital trims.

    Aerofly should emulate the same thing. This is a salient feature of the Interlink.

    that you can connect to the rc7 comes with its own trim, so why program one if 95% of the users allready have it :)


    Not true at all.

    Most USB RC controllers have the old style analog trim sliders, not modern digital trims like the Interlink and REAL RC transmitters.

    That means if you trim out the sim for one plane, the next plane you load will have the wrong trim settings.

    Trim settings should be saved on a PER PLANE and PER EDITED VERSION basis, so whatever you set the trim to, stays with the model you load.

    That way you do not have to screw around with a USB controller's analog trims nor do you have problems with other game controllers that have NO trims what-so-ever.

    Megatherion used his own controller as an example of that, but you erroneously focused on the force feedback instead. You missed the point.

    As he said, even implementing a keyboard based trim as an alternative or additional mechanism makes things easier for the end user.

    As things are now right, using the Game Commander is maddening compared with the ease of Digital Trims the Interlink provides with it's native Sim.

    That is a reasonable policy.

    I would love to see the default be three activations, if two are on the same home network.

    e.g. While I only run Aerofly on one computer at a time, I do have three machines I would like to have it installed on, a gaming laptop, a multimedia/TV computer and my "workhorse" machine.

    So being in the U.S. who do I call for the change?

    I want to deactivate the now non-working installation so I can re-activate.


    Microsoft offers an in-place upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro.

    I had Windows 8.1 installed on my Gaming Laptop as it came. I installed and licensed RF7 on that laptop.

    Everything ran great.

    I performed the "Pro" upgrade via the Windows Online store/key entry.

    After that Aerofly thinks the sim is installed on a new machine that must be re-licensed.

    Somebody at iPacs dropped the ball on this one.

    How do you fix this?

    I wish we could just go back to the game commander/dongle licensing... much easier.