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    Antoine: There is no priority system right now, as there is no need for it at this point. However we will of course implement one, if that is required. Aerofly is not working like FSX used to, so you have to think differently. Using the SDK you can create your own 'sceneries', by sceneries this means either a runway, airport buildings, new aerial images or even a complete city or possibly a big coverage with generic buildings. If two designers decide on creating the same airport or very close airport, Aerofly simply loads both.

    We have decided not to address this topic at the current time, as we simply have not that many 3rd party addon developers. Orbx is the first one and we will see from there what else is going to come.

    Please keep in mind, Aerofly is an evolving platform, we will always improve and enhance our engine, if there is need to.

    The upcoming Orbx LOWI airport shows you what you can do with the SDK. Anything Orbx has done here can be done by anybody else as well.

    Aerofly is certainly not a sinking ship, as it is a Flight Simulator and we currently do not support boat physics. However the physics engine of Aerofly can easily be extended to simulate this kind of stuff.

    Anyway folks, all of you wildly speculating about Aerofly, its current state, its future and so on. Just be a little bit more patient. We are working with a team of over 10 people on Aerofly. We are not funded in any way and we have no pressure from outside investors. As some already noted, we have no real marketing team either, mainly as the two main programmers just want to do their work properly. I know some of you don't like this, but its the way we work.

    The Q400 is one example: We announced this airplane way too early. Part of the delay is due to the fact that we had to enhance our turbo engine phyiscs ( which is an insanely complicated topic ) for the Q400 to fly properly. I think we have almost tackled this problem now, as we now do the final tweaks.

    Just for your information: The dark areas in the images by rodeo will not be visible in the final version. An option for converting your own higher resolution elevation data will also be available in a future version, however currently think about improving our global elevation data so this step is not necessary for most cases, unless you intend to model LUKLA.

    Ah, those impatient users :)

    We have quite a few things coming up soon. For one we will finish the Q400 real soon and next month we will also have LOWI and KCGX from ORBX. Besides that we work in parallel on a much greater cockpit functionality as well as new airplanes. As we learned from the past, sorry if we are not more concrete, but like you said, new stuff is ready when its ready. There is no point in publishing the Q400 if it just doesn't fly right, but I think we have tackled that real soon.

    We also come up with revised SDK tools, this way you can easily get your own aerial images into the simulator.

    If that happens on the Vive its caused by Aerofly, if a single frame is taking longer than a certain threshold. Please try to do the same in an outside view, does it happen there as well? If not it is probably caused by the mirror reflection that is rendered from time to time.

    We should actually disable mirror reflections, especially in VR mode, as they do cause a stuttering in most cases.

    We have not forgotten the mobile fan base, but we are currently not planning on updates for the mobile version.

    When the next major feature ( maybe ATC ) is finished, we will of course consider a new update or version.

    Unfortunately just coming out with a new region or airport is not worth it, so we have plans to come out with a real big update when we have lots of new content or features to add.

    Exciting times for Flight Simulator enthusiasts :)

    As for the communication from our side: The marketing of Dovetail is impressive for sure, and after reading this, one surely wants to try the new simulator. But to be honest, this type of communication is not our style. I think we have made enough statements on what to expect from Aerofly in the future, so I am not sure what else we should communicate here. If you expect weekly updates or news, we simply cannot do this. What we can say is, that we are busy on multiple construction sides: New airplanes, increased system depth, new features. I know we are too quiet for some users, but its just the way we work and it has proven to be good for us as it does not put too much pressure on our workflow.