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    Just delete the cache and completely delete Aerofly FS 2 and download from scratch. It should be finished in less than a day.

    Again, lets repeat our recommendation for you: Get a 4 TB HDD and you will be good for the upcoming updates.

    Please check if in your steam installation, that you see the following file:

    Steam/steamapps/common/Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator/scenery/places/usa/ut/monument_valley_airport/monument_valley_airport.tsc

    Can you find this file?

    The issues most users have seen were related to the fact, that for some reason, files in the Hi Res texture pack and the base package of Aerofly FS 2 were duplicated. This caused Steam to continously update those files as they were different in both packages. However this should have been fixed.

    Also, as mentioned before, we virtually replaced every aerial images in Aerofly as we used a new algorithm to generate them. This saved us around 5% of storage and makes future updates easier but it required us to create such a big update.

    Again, if you want to be safe for a while, follow our recommendation of getting a 4 TB or more hard drive. They are cheap but have high transfer rates. Install all your Steam games on this drive. The performance drop is probably not noticable.

    SSDs are of course faster, but this comes at a price and a compromise as well. High capacity SSDs are way more expensive than HDDs so users tend to buy the biggest drive they can just afford.

    Follow our recommendation and get a 4 TB drive. You won't be disappointed.

    Well, how the Aerofly FS 2 update is delivered is up to Steam, there isn't much we can do. Like we said, getting a big HDD really doesn't cost anything these days and you won't suffer from very long loading times as well. So if your budget is low get a good quality 4 TB HDD and you will be set for many updates to come.

    If you want the benefit for a shorter initial loading time, go for a 1 TB SSD.

    The last update we published really was an exception as we changed many files, so the old installation was required and Steam downloaded the new update in the background which resulted in around 200 GB of space required. One option would have been to completely delete Aerofly and download it from scratch. This would have consumed just the 120 GB that is required by Aerofly right now.

    As Jeff pointed out, we will try to fix the issues with AMD GPUs next week, give us time to get one of those cards for test purposes. Its probably related to the fact that we use a new method of uploading aerial images. For AMD card we can revert to the default.

    Overloaded: Your fear regarding SSDs and using over 90% of its capacity is a myth. On our development systems we use INTEL and SAMSUNG SSD drives and write tera bytes of data each day. So far we have not found a single SSD that has failed or decreased in performa ce. If you can afford it, get a 1TB SSD drive for Aerofly and your other Steam games. If that is no option or its too expensive, get a >= 4 TB drive, that will give you plenty of space for Aerofly and you will hardly feel the lower performance.

    This is another issue we need to look into. It looks like the latest update causes strange effect when using AMD graphic card. Could you let us know if you have the latest driver installed? Also does the problem show up right away or are you doing something 'special'?

    No files are broken, it just seems the Steam client is getting confused for some reason. For now the safest thing to do is completely uninstall and then reinstall Aerofly FS 2. It doesn't look like a bug on our side.

    The issues you mention here seem to be related to wrong files in your installation. We have no idea
    why this is the case, but if you are patient, completely delete Aerofly FS 2 on your harddisc and ensure
    you delete the whole folder. Then redownload and report back if the issue is corrected.