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    Dear aerofly RC 7 Users,

    Please ensure that your are using a descriptive title for your posting so that other users will get an idea what the content of the posting is.

    Please note: If you want to post any modifications of models or sceneries please contact the Forum moderator and he will check if it will be added to our special Download forum.

    Before posting here, please ensure that you have the latest Patch installed. If you have any questions or problems regarding aerofly RC 7, either software or hardware related, please always provide us with the following informations about your system.

    • Windows Version (XP, Vista, 7 or 8)
    • Processor type and speed
    • Graphic card manufacturer and type
    • Sound card manufacturer and exact model type
    • Amount of RAM
    • aerofly RC 7 version (you can find it the "About" window)
    • Manufacturer and model type of your transmitter or controller joystick
    • Any special software installed besides aerofly RC 7 (e.g. Virus scanner and other Utilities)
    • Please also provide us with the contents of the TM.LOG file in case of severe problems. The TM.LOG file can be found in the aerofly RC 7 user directory, which is by default located at
      Documents\aerofly RC 7\


    Liebe aerofly RC 7 Benutzer,
    bevor Sie in diesem Forum eine Frage stellen bezüglich aerofly RC 7, beachten Sie bitte das folgende:

    Bitte achten Sie auf einen klaren Titel des Beitrags, so dass für andere und uns auch sofort ersichtlich ist, worum es geht.

    Hinweis: Wenn Sie ein neues Modell, eine Modellmodifikation oder Szeneriemodifikation veroeffentlichen wollen, kontaktieren Sie den Forum Moderator. Er wird entscheiden, ob diese Modifikation in den speziellen Download Bereich des aerofly RC 7 uebernommen wird.

    Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie den aktuellen Patch installiert haben. Wenn Sie eine Frage oder ein Problem mit aerofly RC 7 haben, beschreiben Sie die Frage oder das Problem bitte so detailiert wie möglich. Zusätzlich geben Sie in Ihrem Posting bitte noch die folgenden Informationen an:

    • Windows Version (XP, Vista, 7 oder 8)
    • Prozessor Typ und Geschwindigkeit (z.B. Pentium 4, 2.4Ghz)
    • Grafikkartenhersteller und Modellbezeichnung (z.B. NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX440, 64MByte)
    • Soundkartenhersteller und genaue Typbezeichnung
    • Speicher
    • aerofly5 Versionsnummer (im "Über" Fenster)
    • Hersteller und Typ Ihrer Fernsteuerungsanlage
    • Spezielle Software die auf Ihrem System installiert ist, wie zum Beispiel Antiviren Scanner
    • Nehmen Sie den Inhalt der Datei TM.LOG auch in Ihr Posting mit auf. Die TM.LOG Datei befindet sich im aerofly RC 7 Benutzerordner, per Default ist dies unter
      Dokuments\aerofly RC 7\
      Die TM.LOG Datei lässt sich z.B. mit Notepad öffnen.

    Unfortunatly we cannot reproduce the problem on our side.

    Do the Gamecenter achievements pop up each time you run aerofly FS or if you switch to the simulation screen, e.g. you choose a new position and aircraft and fly again?

    Also, the achievement that pop up as Gamecenter messages, have they been reported to the GameCenter already, e.g. do they show up as achieved in the Gamecenter app?

    We do plan an update before christmas, so if you describe to us in detail, whats happening, we might be abel to fix it in the next update.

    For faster communication, please write us an email at mail (at)

    Neben den neuen Fluzeugen und Szenerien sind auch ein paar neue Features dazugekommen.

    unter ist alles schoen erklaert.

    Unter der Haube hat sich auch einiges an der Physik getan, das gibt den Modellen ein nochmals deutlich besseres Verhalten in kritischen Situationen.

    Das Skalierungsfeature fuer die Modelle war sehr aufwendig zu implementieren, aber wir denken, viele Modellbauer wollen die bestehenden Modelle auch mal in anderen Groessen fliegen, deshalb war uns dieses Feature wichtig.

    Ob jemandem das Update Wert ist, muss jeder fuer sich entscheiden.

    Wann das Update genau verfuegbar ist, bitte direkt bei IKARUS erfragen. Der Preis soll unter 50 Euro sein.

    ein Upgrade fuer aerofly5 Kunden auf den aerofly RC 7 wird es geben. Leider waren die Zeitschriften aber schneller als wir, insofern bitten wir noch um etwas Geduld, bis die Webseite endgueltig steht und der Shop das Upgrade anbieten kann. Die Download Protection ist nicht notwendig, die einfach wegklicken.
    Neben den neuen Fliegern und Szenerien haben wir auch intern an der Physik einiges geaendert. Details gibt es in Kuerze mehr auf der aerofly Webseite.

    Thank you for all the input. Presenting a good user interface and keep it simple at the same time is a difficult task. Its hard to make everybody happy.

    Anyway, in the next update we will put the rudder control back to the right, it does make more sense.

    For us, the flight info is the main control area, so we like to put in as much information as possible without cluttering the other areas of the screen. For beginners it might be more difficult, but when you get used to it, its a very 'quick' tool. However this means, if you hide the flight information, you cannot control the auto pilot. Any suggestions on what we should do if people choose the hide flight information?

    Hello Mr. Haddock,

    we will publish an update that will reduce memory usage on iPad 2 and iPad Mini, we are probably hitting a limit on these devices. On our test iPads (2 and Mini) we didn't observe this issue, so you might want to try the following two steps:

    1) Terminate all running apps:
    To close running apps, you must get to your task bar. Do this by pressing down the home button at the bottom of your iPad twice in a row. (The home button is the circular button you use to close iPad apps.) When you double click the home button, a task bar will appear showing your most recently used apps. Touch one of the app icons and hold your finger against it until the icons begin to shimmer. A red button with a minus sign will appear at the top of the icons. When you see this button, you can release your finger and then simply tap the button for any app you want to close. Don't worry. This doesn't delete the app from the iPad. (You will only delete an app when you touch a black button with an X in the middle.) This will simply close the iPad app, purging it from memory and stopping any processes from running.

    2) Restart the iPad:
    - Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red "slide to power off" slider appears, and then slide the slider.
    - Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.

    Again, we intend to release an update with reduced memory usage for the iPads with only 512MB of memory. But in the meantime try the above steps and see if you problems disappear.

    Thank you for your nice feedback. Its good to see that people like the new version. The work we have put into the new aircraft is tremendous and it was really challenging us, to get good performance on the iPad, will putting in all the details, especially on the Airbus A320.

    Like we have said, this is of course not the last update, we intend to also improve aerofly with respect to navigation features and we would also like to add a flight recording feature. New areas as well as new aircraft are of course planned, but this all takes time.

    So stay tuned for future updates.

    Mnemonic: We currently don't have any plans to convert aerofly FS to Android. Programming for this platform is a lot more challenging due to the many different devices out there. But we might consider a version in the future.

    Hoinz: Thank you for your detailed feedback regarding our iPad version. We really appreciate this. We have planned an update for this month that will add an option to disable the flight information bar and fades the controls when the user doesn't touch the screen. The Rudder Slider on the right is also a good point. We will check and see how this works with the interface when "touch control for aileron and elevator" is enabled.
    Consider this version of aerofly FS as a starting point. We already have plans for improving the iPad version and we have lots of ideas! Making more "challenging" achievements is a good point however, we just didn't want to make this first version too frustrating :-). The "Stall Turn" is an example of a fairly difficult achievement.

    Dear aerofly FS users,

    we are happy to announce that aerofly FS is now available for the Apple iPad. Experience the great graphics and flight physics of aerofly FS on your iPad as well. aerofly FS requires an iPad 2 or newer. aerofly FS has full support for the new iPad 3 or 4 Retina resolution.
    Click the App Store to view aerofly FS in the Mac App Store: