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    the tm.log you posted here is actually the log of the 3D exporter plugin when exporting from 3DS Max to TGI.
    There should be another tm.log that is being written when the Content Converter is started. So my guess is, that the content converter does not work properly or is not found on your system.

    Can you please open a command prompt in Windows and navigate to this folder using the good old 'cd' command?

    Once you are in this folder manually run the batch file and observe what you see then. Do you see any output, if yes, please let us know.

    Antoine: Thank you for your long reply. Just to give a short reply here: Some of your conclusions are not correct, e.g. you can do more with the SDK than you think is possible, we tried to make this clear with our initial reply. You can do complex airports, curved runways and add new airports to any place in the world, the only thing you can't do yet is adding aerial images, but this is something we might add in the future.

    As far as MS FS airports goes: We are not sure yet if we can support some easy tools to convert existing airports without any further work, but we might be able to provide some tools to ease this job.

    Nik, its actually the other way around! We managed to get new Android users and to increase our revenue, but looking at the statistics, most users have very slow or older devices. So the new features we introduced in the latest Beta built will come, but we need to find a way to circumvent the bugs we encountered on many devices with respect to terrain rendering and performance.

    the only thing that is currently not possible with the SDK is the fact that users cannot add new aerial images to Aerofly FS 2, this is planned for a future update of the SDK. Besides that and without limitations, the SDK allows you to model a complex airport or even a complete city. The two example airports of the SDK should work as a starting point.

    Its up to the designer if he want the aerial images to blend through the ground or not.

    The way we design airports and the MS FS way are quite different, this is something a user who comes from the MS FS world has to learn.

    You do have various options in Steam to avoid the download of updates. First of all its strongly recommended to opt out of the Beta program for Aerofly FS 2 as this will receive lots of updates in short intervals. The Beta interval does not offer any benefits to you as it may contain test versions or even unstable versions.

    The next thing we recommend is to stay in Steam Offline mode. This will prevent Steam from going online at all, thus no download of updates.

    If you want to stay online with Steam, you can set times where Steam is allowed to download updates. To do this follow these steps:

    • Start Steam client and choose Steam->Settings
    • Then choose 'Downloads'
    • Look for a field called 'Download Restrictions' and check 'Only auto-update games between:' and enter a time window where you are usually not using your computer.
    • Whenever you have time to update your Steam games, just go to the Settings again and disable this feature

    Well, this is something somebody started a few month ago and it magically reproduced itself until everybody thinks its true, this is how the internet works :)

    Anyway, to clarify this and without going into too much detail: Aerofly FS 2 for PC is not a port of the mobile version, its actually the other way around. Our main development platform is and always will be the PC. A few years back, when we started work on Aerofly FS 2, we quickly saw that it would take quite a bit of time to finish the PC version. So we decided to come out with the mobile version in between. This didn't interrupt the main development process for the PC version that much, as we already had experience with mobile development.

    However the whole code base of our PC and mobile version are pretty much the same and with respect to the pure airplane physics, both platforms pretty much do the same, its amazing how quick those mobile devices are these days! We even have some extra CPU capacity left to do more advanced airplane physics in the future.

    But even though the code base is the same, the PC version does run in quite a different configuration, e.g. the airplanes have a lot more texture, more complex shaders, interactive cockpits and we also compute a lot more with respect to collision detection. The same holds for the overall rendering, the terrain, runways and buildings are rendered with more textures and more polygons. Some of this is due to different resources some of this is done during runtime and depending on the capability of the PC or mobile device.

    So to keep this short, Aerofly FS 2 for PC is no port from the mobile version.

    First of all ensure you have the latest version of the Aircraft Converter installed. It might be necessary to remove the previous version first, before installing the latest version.

    Then also delete the complete folder 'Aerofly FS 2 Aircraft Converter' in the Documents folder of Windows.

    After that right click on the folder dr400 of the SDK and try to convert the airplane again.

    No manual editing of any config files should be required.

    @Delfin: Your current computer configuration is NOT suitable for running Aerofly in VR mode. Keep in mind that besides a fast 3D card you also need two high speed USB 3.0 connections. So to run VR you basically need a complete new PC.

    VR works fine on Windows 7 or higher, our tests show no issues with Windows 7.