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    Here are the formulas we use to get from web mercator to lon lat and vice versa. We simple
    did a copy/paste from our source code. tmvector2d is just a simple structure containing
    two values:

    struct vector2d
      double x;
      double y;

    So here are the two function. Note lon lat are always in radians.

    We strongly recommend to use web mercator for now as lon lat adds some additional complexity. We do support lon lat as well, but we have to create a sample first.

    In general its a good idea, however it puts more work on the administrative side as we would
    need somebody who monitors the forum and does some administrative work. We might consider
    a sub forum for developers where they can get better support.

    Keep in mind most people just come here once for a question and never visit the forum again,
    creating lots of sub forums just confuses new users, at least the past has shown this.

    mit dem Cyborg Evo Force hatten wir schon einmal einen Kunden der Probleme hatte. Leider koennen wir
    diesen Joystick nicht mehr bestellen, deshalb wissen wir immer noch nicht wo das Problem liegt.

    Koennen wir mal die tm.log haben, wenn der Joystick angeschlossen ist?

    All images shown here are ok. Right at the swiss border, we switch to a much lower resolution as we do not have any aerial images for this reason. We might extend this in the future.

    As far as Sion concerns, we have not fully modelled this airport and surrounding buildings, again, we might add more in the future.

    The image is so far 'ok'. At some parts we switch to a lower resolution aerial image to save space. Did you download the High resolution texture pack already? Its free from Steam.

    The other issue you describe is not normal, can you show images of this? Also, please provide us with your PC specifications.

    We will look into the issue with the converted textures on the DR400. We don't see yet what might cause it though.

    Please do not post the full DR400 airplane here please, due to copyright reasons. We might offer a separate installer in the future for people interested in the DR400 but don't intend to use the SDK.

    Almdudler: You point of view is perfectly valid, and if we could choose we would use just one platform as well. But nowadays people have different preferences on how they want to read news and communicate with us. We tried in the past to channel them to just this forum, but we quickly noticed it was pointless.

    We are still waiting with the Mac version for Aerofly FS 2 as we are still publishing updates on a weekly basis. Once our version has matured a little more we will try to port Aerofly FS 2 to the Mac. We will have to reduce the quality here and there as basically even the fastest Mac Book Pro and iMac computers are not able to render Aerofly FS 2 at ULTRA quality. But we will try to find a good solution here.

    Bis jetzt ist uns noch kein Nutzer bekannt, der so negative Erfahrungen hatte wie in Ihrem Fall. Das muss wohl eine Montagskopie sein.

    Steam ist sicherlich nicht jedermanns Sache, wenn das System aber ordentlich konfiguriert ist, ist die Installation von Updates deutlich komfortabler. Das Steam Programm laesst sich uebrigens im sogenannten Offline Modus betreiben, d.h. eine Internetverbindung wird dann nicht benoetigt. Ausgewaehlt wird das im Pulldownmenue des Programms auf der linken Seite. Man kann dann nach Bedarf jeden Monat mal Online gehen, um zu schauen, ob es neue Updates gibt. So betreiben viele Nutzer den Aerofly FS 2.

    Zum Ton: Bitte mal in den Controllereinstellungen schauen, auf welche Taste oder Joystickbutton der Ton gelegt ist. Dieser ist per Default auf der Taste 'Q'. Damit wird der Ton ein- bzw. ausgeschaltet.

    We don't know yet, if we will ever publish a DVD version. It has its advantages but also a lot of disadvantages. Using Steam we can be sure that basically all users always have our latest version and also delivering huge amounts of data is much easier. Delivering the almost 100 GB of data on DVD is just no option which would mean we would have to set up our own download server.

    But again, we might publish Aerofly on DVD, but it currently has very low priority.

    We also considered publishing Aerofly FS 2 on the Oculus store, but that would mean lots of work on our side and besides that the Oculus store just doesn't offer this great update experience as Steam does.

    for now this is 'normal'. If you want good shadows in the cockpit and far away outside, we have to make a trade off here.

    As a test, fly around the same as you did just use an outside view mode, then look at the distant shadows. It should look a little better then.