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    Keep learning to fly under Aerofly, you will have the advantage of landing your real planes on eggs.

    Exactly! I've noticed that the gliders in general; are much less robust than their IRL counterparts. However, my landing skill on the slopes and at the field has improved greatly since practicing with aerofly 5-7 over the years. It is frustrating though at times.

    I just wanted to leave a quick post that the Spektrum ws1000 wireless dongle works just fine with RC7 and Mac. It is compatible with PC too, but I haven't tested it yet.

    My current setup is Mac OS 10.8.5 (Legacy OS) and Spektrum DX6 (V2 with voice) on RC7 Ultimate. Sometimes, I use a Thunderbolt to HDMI cable and Samsung TV too which works just fine.

    History: I started with a Game Commander and Aerofly 5, then upgraded to Simstick Pro and DX9, and then upgraded to RC7 and switched to my travel TX DX6. This worked well up until a couple months ago, when the Simstick SIM Lead suddenly stopped recognizing my TX. Thus, I gave the ws1000 a shot and it has worked well for a few weeks now with some tuning in the "Advanced Controller Settings" to change the throttle direction and a few other things for gliders. I believe this is a much better solution than the bulkier set of parts required for Simstick.

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    How are you connecting your DX8? Is it using a cable are wireless system?
    I'm using a Mac with DX8, DX9 & DX6 on RC7 using a Simstick Pro which is very easy once bound to the receiver.

    My controller setup looks just like errorwolfi's post, but I did have to calibrate the controller and reassign switches to make everything work correctly.

    Hope this helps.


    I'm not sure if this will work for you, but I had a similar issue recently with OSX 10.7.5 and contacted iPACS directly. I've noticed that RC7 sometimes gets downgraded to standard when adding too many additional scenes and models. I have since only loaded the extras that I use often and keep a complete backup of the basic Aerofly RC7 folder with a separate backup folder for additional scenes and models.

    iPACS recommended to do the following:

    Please perform the following steps:

    - Completely remove aerofly RC7 from the Applications folder
    - Completely remove the aerofly RC 7 user folder
    - Redownload aerofly RC 7 again from App Store
    - Run aerofly RC 7, make no modifications and do the upgrade by selecting "restore purchases" in the "in-app purchases" menu

    Note: To delete your aerofly RC7 user folder

    By default the Library folder of Max OS X is hidden. To open the Finder with a visible Library folder, press and hold the ALT Key, choose the "Go To" menu and then select "Library". A Finder window with the Library folder will then be opened. Next click yourself to the aerofly RC 7 user folder which is located here

    ~/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-rc-7/Data/Library/Application Support/aerofly RC 7/

    Jan, I must admit that aside from Aerofly being a great sim; it is your wonderful efforts that have really made it spectacular. All of your models have been in my favorites list since A5 and the ASH-31 was one of the biggest reasons to get AFS + a proper stick controller :) Congrats on your 1000th post and thanks so much for sharing your story, which is a interesting as the models you've made.


    Thanks for the advice Jan. I'll be patient and also try the fix as described. Did I miss something, or is there no DLG in RC7?
    Indeed the scenery is the Golden Gate Bridge, but the alternate flying cliff to the right of the standard bridge view. It is a great site to fly :D

    Hi, I've noticed that the Stobel DLG from Aerofly 5 imports into RC7, but the control surfaces don't seem to work. In the attached image, full left aileron is enabled but the model does nothing. Is there a way to fix this?

    I'm dealing with the same frustration (mostly flying gliders) as Aerofly is hooked up to my TV via laptop and ended up getting a wireless keyboard just to use the Space Bar and "V" keys! Part of the problem is that if you use the Game Commander, there are limited functions/switches with none to spare. When using Aerofly with my DX8 I'm only allowed to use the same number of channels as the Game Commander has; 7 in total.