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    Like Rick I have all the major flight sims and I have owned several aircraft, but always a Mooney since receiving my pilot license in 1966.

    At 80 years old I have sold my last Mooney and depend entirely on flight sims in VR to survive the loss after a life of aviation.

    While I agree with Rick concerning the importance of sims and the technical aspects of learning skilled piloting I still need the perceived realism to feel like I am back in the air.

    With more than 10,000 hours of real world experience in many different aircraft I am quite comfortable to attest the accuracy and feel of the FS4 aircraft.

    I am thrilled in the difference in FS4's scenery as a giant step in the right direction. I further believe that with the new software design structure that addon scenery and aircraft will be easier and more prevalent in the future but also understand that all that can be done to attract the important established creators need to be attracted back into the fold. It is also important to realize the these company's began as users such as us and we need IPACs to provide all the tools we need to create aircraft and scenery ourselves. I hope they realize that this will insure their future as we won't be in it just for the money but will help propel the AF attraction.

    X-Plane has been my gold standard for flight model accuracy and understanding how it really works is genius for accurate flight in any aircraft in any and all conditions. That aspect will be very hard to beat but AeroFly is now very much closer in point A to B flight. We just need much greater depth in aircraft systems simulation. I have experienced similar progress with AeroFly with all their RC products since their very beginning. It took a while but they caught and overtook Realflight.

    Sorry for the long read here but I feel these are incredibly important points to make for my selfish need for this product to survive and prosper.