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    Looking at your tm log your problem seems to be with a 3rd party addon, either an aircraft or scenery object.

    Please test without any addons installed and let us know if the crash persists.

    This fixed mine as well. I installed a mod to add night lighting to South Florida and it worked for a couple of weeks and then quit working. I removed that folder and all is well again.

    Thank you! I love this sim!!

    I'm also having trouble. I have OrbX South Florida scenery installed and I can't even load it up. After attempting to enter the game to fly I get a crash to desktop. It won't even let me fly for a second. If I pick anywhere away from the installed scenery it will run fine. Frustrating though since I paid $30 and it's basically broken. It did work for a couple of weeks however.


    Intel i7 3770K@3.9ghz

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 8GB

    2x Samsung 860evo SSD 1TB

    64 bit Win10