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    • The mouse cursor on the Aircraft Load window stutters and can't be moved(cursor) so too the scale and other function does not change when cursor reactivates.
    • Windows Version 10 Home
    • Processor i7 2.3ghz
    • Graphic card NVIDIA GTX 1070 Laptop
    • Sound card Realtek ASUS G752VS
    • Amount of 16G
    • aerofly RC 7 version LAST
    • Manufacturer and model type of your transmitter or controller joystick>>>>Commander from V5
    • Any special software installed besides aerofly RC 7 (e.g. Virus scanner and other Utilities) All permissions given to FW
    • Please also provide us with the contents of the TM.LOG file in case of severe problems. The TM.LOG file can be found in the aerofly RC 7 user directory, which is by default located at
      Documents\aerofly RC 7\


    • tm.log

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