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    I was flying my Aerofly FS2 on both my 27" mid2010 macOS Sierra imac and on my 27" 2017 imac Mohave. All of a sudden it won't play on either computer. It starts up, loads scenery. Then when I click "start" it crashes and gives me a crash report which I send to apple (and saved to my desktop). Makes no difference which scenery I have selected or which plane. Nothing else but the keyboard is plugged into the computers. I have tried a SMC Reset, hard drive first aid, and PRAM reset all with no results. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing Aerofly FS2 (and that takes a long time to download). I'll try to attach the crash report.aerofly fs2 error.pdf

    I found Aerofly 2 for Mac OS yesterday in the AppStore.

    Works fine on my iMac 27", but i miss the swiss scenery.

    Will there be a possibility to buy or to add this scenery, which is part of Aerofly 1?

    How does it fly? I have a 2010 iMac 27" with 16 gb RAM and ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024 MB graphics card and 2.93 ghz Intel Core i7 Processor. Will it run smoothly?

    hi there

    i am still waiting for FS2 on Mac OS, two years now… after the update to high sierra FS1 is also not running smooth like before under sierra. one year ago, i found a post with an info about the mac version of FS2 will be in progress and maybe released in the late 2017. now i didn't find any info about the development status. what is going on with the mac version of FS2?! any chance for a soon release or is the project completly canceled or we have to play on our ipads (i don't like the ipad version and want use it). also a solution with a win emulator is for me no option.

    I can't tell when this was posted, it just says Friday, but not what year or month, but I'm still running Aerofly FS 1 on my imac and desparately wanting FS 2. I see drhotwing1 replied this comment with "this is in progress as we speak. It's pending upon approval from Apple." But how long ago was that posted?