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    Unfortunately, the situation is very unsatisfactory for our customers as well as for ourselves.

    As it looks now, it is not possible for us to offer any special deals or rebates for customers of previous versions. Apple has introduced the concept of Bundles, but they are simply not working as they should. We have sent multiple emails to Apple, but all they said was, they are looking into the matter. However nothing has changed so far.

    We will therefor consider an alternative way of offering future versions of Aerofly RC to Mac users, preferably through Steam. Maintaining another distribution channel however adds a lot of overhead and also confuses users as we can't get the prices on each platform exactly the same and the user also can't easily switched between the different solutions. This is causing support cases as well.

    So to summarize, we have not abonded the Mac platform and we will continue to support new versions on macOS as well, however offering the right distribution way is something we are still evaluating.

    Any idea when that will happen? Thos is an open topic for an embarrassingly long amount of time…

    Ok, we have forward a few of the examples to Apple support again and they said they have escalated the issue again. However, we can't say if and when this issue might be fixed.

    any news? Swiss apple store does not have the option for updgade, only the buy at 130 CHF (abt 132 euros). will this ever be fixed or why can't you simply offer it directly as you did in the first editions, you must rely on renewal rather than new customers...

    We have contacted Apple but have not received any reply yet. It's definetly not working as advertised. The funny thing is, that our previous App Bundles from RC 7 to RC 8 work. Again, we need to wait for an official answer to check and see what's wrong.

    I can imagine there is no interest for you to fix this but either you remove the option of "upgrade" or you fix it. for App Store in Switzerland buy RC9 is CHF 130 or updgrade from RC8 for CHF 200, it must be a morbid joke...