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    Hi Arthur,

    Thanks about your reply! Thats sad. I really miss that sceneries and aircraft that existed from Ikarus to AFPD that not exist in RC8. Its stupid to say but nowadays i even have fear to use my AFPD 4 because if the controller get broken or the pots get wearing its gameover forever :( it was really cool if in future we could have them as a dlc for rc8...



    I have AFPD v4 with all official expansions and aerofly RC8 the problem is that even having RC8, i many times miss some aircraft and sceneries that existed in the old one.

    Exist anyway to convert them to the modern rc8?

    In fact i want them so much that i'm even opened to buy (if existed) an official expansion of all aircraft and sceneries that was released for APFD for RC8, specially the great Real Scale addon)

    Thank You!

    Hi Jeff,

    Through your Wiki, I notice that AFS2 broadcast tcp messages as a master to slave other external apps.

    The subject here is use it in inverse way:

    PSX (747 professional simulator) as the broadcaster tcp/ip server and AFS2 as the slave and receiver of the messages with position and direction of the aircraft. In a way that I will fly in the PSX and use the AFS2 as external visuals engine synced with the position of the aircraft in the PSX. If not, can it be possible in future?

    Exist many projects to put PSX as master with FSX/P3D/XP10/11 as slave for external visuals, will be great to have the same with AFS2.