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    I use 2 buttons /one for flaps Up other for Flaps Down. Every time i do a press on each button, the flaps should move 1 step and not multiple steps as now.

    For example B737 i can't get the flaps 5 or 40 because that jumps. Also in A320, it jumps from 2 to full without stop on 3.

    It looks that it jumps 2 steps all the time.

    Also, the flaps in all aircraft should work in steps. For example I have joystick buttons associated with open and close flaps, and they should open/close the flaps in steps and not full open/close.

    This is very important in airliners where you have multiple flaps steps and your should progressively open them and not from full close to full open in one step.

    Thank You!


    When we create a flightplan, will be nice if we have the angle of the legs. If we are flying VOR’s that angle is obligatory to adjust the VOR’s radial. So in my opinion that angles/headings should show on the flightplan.

    How to know the QNH to adjust the altimeters? It is in the Information bar? If not, it can be there for a fast consulting.


    The Bella Italia on have a corrupted file (CRC error). I already redownload the zip file and still the same error when unzipping.



    The file after unzip with error have arround 800KB and from zip description should have +/- 2MB.

    Please, can someone have this file correctly and share it?

    Thank You

    Can be a checkmark OR a square OR a star, marked manually, only to give the opportunity to us mark the mission and distinguish what missions we like/done/.... from the others in the list of them.

    Thanks about your reply! For me will be great if i can checkmark the mission (even manually) to keep a track of what i have done and not yet flown.

    This flight sim is cool and I'm having fun with it, and really appreciate the missions system, infact its one of the features that distinguish it from AFS2. So I would like to do the missions, but with list of hundreds of them, its a bit easy to fall in repeat the same by mistake, when i want to fly each one without repeats (for now).

    For me a Manual Checkmark fits perfectly (in all kind of missions: challenges/recommended/aircraft_list)

    Thank You so much


    When i finish a mission (after landed, parked and turned engine off and batteries+avionics off) I not see any sign that the mission was over and in the missions list its not check marked.

    Will be cool to see that specific mission was done (with a checkmark in the missions list), to choose other and not the same again by mistake.

    (to keep a track of what i done and not yet)

    Thank You!

    If weather could be changed in-live by an external app, and if AFS could send/broadcast the aircraft position, that external app could inject the real weather on the AFS using the Metar files auto downloaded + interpolation of them on the aircraft position. This technic is what many 3rd party weather apps do in other sims. With these you could have almost real weather through all your flight...

    Default AFS4 have zero Amphibian aircraft (not even with floats). BUT all included aircraft needs to deal with weather (so real weather is a must have), almost all requires ATC for a more realistic flights and many needs pushback to go out from a gate.

    About real weather, will be cool if weather can be changed by an external software to enable external 3rd party app control it, like some do with other civil flight sims ;)

    Dear Jan,

    wow thats fantastic, its possible to create a some kind of converter? if its a some kind of adding some lines in files and change others. If i know what data to add/change and where, i could create a free tool for that. If its possible can I get a full list of what changes in detail to build that converter?

    Thank You

    Best regards

    I'm an aircraft guy not scenery guy.

    Hi, and about aircraft? I have some justflight addons. They will run directly on the new AFS4 or requires some updates? Its sad and a shame that many times when flightsims grows in version creating some incompatabilities, many devs because are in other projects, never update their addons to the new flight sim version.

    Also we have the hype factor, nowadays the fsx is fully abandoned, p3d 90% abandoned, and xp11 only the devs that develop only for xp create contents to it. All the hype now are on msfs... I hardly believe that Justflight will make any efford, not even an hour to adapt their addon from afs2 to v4 if it requires any effords.

    Hi Arthur,

    Thanks about your reply! Thats sad. I really miss that sceneries and aircraft that existed from Ikarus to AFPD that not exist in RC8. Its stupid to say but nowadays i even have fear to use my AFPD 4 because if the controller get broken or the pots get wearing its gameover forever :( it was really cool if in future we could have them as a dlc for rc8...



    I have AFPD v4 with all official expansions and aerofly RC8 the problem is that even having RC8, i many times miss some aircraft and sceneries that existed in the old one.

    Exist anyway to convert them to the modern rc8?

    In fact i want them so much that i'm even opened to buy (if existed) an official expansion of all aircraft and sceneries that was released for APFD for RC8, specially the great Real Scale addon)

    Thank You!