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    I believe I am missing something basic. How does one control the yoke with Vr hands? I can place my hands around the stick and press the trigger buttons to grasp, but I cannot move the stick. I have tried the C172. I am using the Samsung Odyssey (WMR). I have no problems grasping other things and pulling, dialing, etc.

    Can you please tell us the exact hardware components that you are using? We want to add support and therefore need to know exactly what to purchase so that we can replicate the issue on our machines. Purchasing links would be appreciated, thanks!

    My hardware is TrackHat Clip and software is TrackHat OpenTrack (, which I think is just a customized version of the generic OpenTrack. The hardware shouldn't be the issue (it's just a web cam and LED lights), so if you would like to test with a cheap web cam, you could do that using FreeTrack or FaceTrackNoir. OpenTrack should work fine if FreeTrack works.

    The issue doesn't seem to be so much with hardware, but rather with software support. As far as I can see, from several YouTube videos and other posts on the web, Aerofly FS (v1) supported the use of any headtracker that utilised the Freetrack 2.0 protocol, e.g. FacetrackNoIR. However, Aerofly FS 2 doesn't seem to support it in the same way.

    Agree. My guess is that if AF2 can add Freetrack protocol like in AF v 1, that would solve it. Both OpenTrack and FaceTrackNoir provide dual protocols for FreeTrack and TrackIR, with the ability to use either or both in the sim. Strange that the TrackIR protocol doesn't work, but perhaps if the devs add Freetrack that would solve it.

    Out of curiosity, I tried FaceTrackNoir as well. Using PointTracker as the protocol and TrackIR as the emulation, it doesn't work either. Same problem as OpenTrack in that AF2 recognizes TrackIR as an input device, but isn't picking up the motion. Indeed, only the devs can solve this.

    I am in the same situation with edtracker+opentrack. Tryed to get help here and on steam forum, but no response so far. Very sad...

    Since AF2 works with TrackIR, it should work with Opentrack, but it doesn't for some reason. I think the problem could be solved if ipacs would add support for Freetrack as well, since Opentrack can emulate both TrackIR and Freetrack. Still, it's strange that it doesn't work now. Every other game that I know of that supports TrackIR also works with OpenTrack (FSX, P3D, DCS, etc.), so there seems to be something odd with how AF2 and TrackIR are interacting.

    Do the devs have any input?

    Unless I'm missing something, I cannot get head tracking to work with AF2. That's a real disappointment for a flight sim. I'm using TrackHat OpenTrack, which emulates both TrackIR and FreeTrack protocols. It works fine with P3D, but I can't get it to work with AF2. I see in the TrackHat forums, that I'm not the only one. Does AF2 support FreeTrack?

    I'm an original AeroflyFS user and soon to purchase version 2. I've been following the progress closely, and I love that you've added VR support. I see that ATC is on the development road map, which is great.

    Anyway, my suggestion for you with ATC is to start simple with background ATC chatter. It would really add to the immersion and be fairly simple to implement as a feature that users toggle on or off. Perhaps you could license these sound files? They are really good for the USA (with a few for Europe). I use them with ProATC-X for P3D and can highly recommend.