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    This was asked in another topic but this seems the better place to ask it: will we get airports included in the France VFR scenery ?

    Yes, but few highly detailed airports only within this initial release since it's a "demonstrator" to get the feel of the AFS2 sim community.

    As it's a VFR-oriented scenery we focused on 3 major and extremely active GA AD around Paris :

    - LFPL Lognes (East of Paris)

    - LFPN Toussus-le-Noble (SW of Paris)

    - LFPZ Saint-Cyr (West of Paris)

    The package is however thought and prepared for evolution, allowing easy subsequent additional airport integration. We have material for many more in our boxes (e.g. Chavenay, Beynes, les Mureaux, Meaux, Coulommiers, la Ferté, Issy, etc.) it will much depend on how the initial scenery is being perceived.

    Each AD has also a landing place for helicopters and there are additional challenging heli drop zones in the city of Paris.

    Big airports like CDG, Orly and le Bourget are deliberately out of scope of this VFR-oriented scenery, but are featured with 50cm flattened ground photo, runway/taxi lights plus FSCloudport-style generic buildings and static aircraft, and each AD can be easily removed should a more refined add-on get available in the future.

    Close-up map on Paris area - the Scenery extent is much wider of course.

    3DA Ile-de-France VFR Regional scenery extent (yellow). The red squares are the HR ground photo scenery coverage that goes much wider so that you don't have default low res ground textures in sight even when flying close to the detailed scenery border.



    A bit of roughing up is always nice... we'd have to impose on Antoine again though

    Currently these water towers all share the same raw silver texture.

    If you create a new texture using the same mapping then you just convert it and overwrite the current one, just like for any repaint. No need for Antoine.

    If objects need a different mapping, then they must be reimported in 3DSmax and recompiled.

    In case you want to reimport towers, or add further objects in the xref library, the most convenient format for importing objects into 3DSMax is the wavefront .OBJ format with .bmp textures, with explicit namings following IPACS conventions.

    For instance, Tee_40 is not an explicit name to me for an xref object ; water_tower_tee_40 is more explicit for an object.

    You can easily convert/rename textures and generate .obj files using MCX in order to get the desired input format for 3DSMax.

    BTW if anyone has AC3D, you can also try importing objects and generating an xref library. There are good chances that it works too.



    Ok, Thomas provided 6 water towers.

    In case you want me to add more, please send me an archive with the object in collada (.dae) format and textures in 24 bit .bmp format (no alpha layer*), following the name conventions below with the example for Tee_28, using a silver texture :

    Object file name must be : water_tower_tee_28.dae (explicit unique name in lower cases, no spaces, collada format)

    Texture name must be : water_tower_silver_color.bmp (explicit unique name in lower cases, no spaces)

    In case of night texture, the name must be water_tower_silver_light.bmp (same name as diffuse texture, but with _light suffix).

    *If your design uses alpha layer textures for transparency, make sure then to make a separate texture with alpha channel applied to these surfaces, to prevent the AFS2 display bug.



    Please check first for alpha layers (especially for Leg shape) and use a separate texture for surfaces using alpha to prevent the AFS2 display bug.

    Actually the 3 Tees are the same object : just the scaling changes => the library may have 1 of them only and the user scales it with the size parameter.

    Name the collada file you export with the desired xref name you want to use. Caution with IPACS name conventions for both object and texture. Avoid uppercases.



    I've just had a little moment of clarity on this. My concern was that after dropping helipads/water towers then any time someone edited an airport that had them in, it would either crash the editor or we'd auto-delete them on saving. Actually, I'll just pretend they *do* exist as xrefs and output the code in the TOC to display them as if they did. In the short term nothing will display, but in time we'll get them generated as xref models and once that's done they'll start showing again.

    If you send me the objects, I can create the xref library for you.



    Yes that's right. Didn't think.

    But I may lose the cruise, top of descent, descent, approach phases from the A320. Because they will be set for the latest airport of the flight plan.

    Many thanks anyway.

    EDIT: I've just tried: you can't add an intermediate airport, it wants you to define it as departure or arrival.

    You need to first define the dummy-destination airport (e.g. your alternate) and then you can add an airport as waypoint, that's the only way I found I could use the flight planner - but I eventually hardly use it at all...

    You won't however be able to insert SIDs and STARs and watch the MCDU fly the aircraft for you.

    But you can fly your approach manually by the maps, that's a bit more of challenge... advisable to start with a slower aircraft like the C172 or the Baron...

    It would have been easy and versatile if there was a possibility to simply load an external flight plan (there are many existing tools to create extensive flight plans including SID & STAR), but IPACS ever rejected this request.




    I successfully Geoconverted Level 15 (but not Level 16).

    If the source image resolution isn't as high as (or higher than) target Level resolution, Geoconvert pretends compiling but doesn't output any file.

    The effective resolution corresponding to a world grid Level depends on Latitude.



    I tend to agree the C172 panel doesn't look so real due to that tv screen in front of the pax seat.

    I'd say the same for the DR400 device featuring an old frame-mounted GPS but displaying a kind of tiny moving photo map without much useful information.

    It however starts looking better when you switch it off... ;) but it would be nice if there was a GPS display instead.