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    Thank you. After some testing, it seems the Saitek driver is somewhat unstable in my case, nothing to do with your mod. Amazingly enough it works very well in the Aerofly FS settings menu, where every switch can be checked, but once the aircraft is loaded the radio panel sometimes remain dark, both with or without your mod.
    BTW nothing to do with rpm, you don't idle avgas engines, or you quickly foul the plugs. You always keep some 1'000 rpm when on ground (except for idle check) which is well enough for the alternator to load.

    Tonight I could make my radio and switch panels work exactly the same with or without your mod. Except 1 small bug (COM1 standby switches both COM1 and COM2 – nothing to do with your mod, I have the same without), only a few switches in the Cessna 172 can be operated from the panel (mostly lights).
    Magnetos key, battery main, alternator, avionics, fuel pump, etc. cannot be operated from the panel, although in Aerofly FS setting menu they are properly assigned and recognized as such by Aerofly FS. Looks like in the mod these switches can be operated with the mouse only... Do you think there is a chance in a next release to have these switches linked to those defined in Aerofly FS Saitek panels menu ?

    Thanks again and best regards

    Thank you for that mod. It seems however to conflict with Saitek Panels, which are now supported by AFS2.

    Without the mod they work almost fine, moving switches and radios.
    With the mod, switches become inoperative and radios dark...


    Dear IPACS Team,

    Thank your so much for the explanation, perfectly clear.

    Among so many great feature in AeroflyFS (actually both versions), 1 feature makes it different from most sims : runways don't need to be flat !
    It makes starting from places like LSGC Les Eplatures (in the Jura range) feel very realistic.

    Unfortunately, Lausanne LSGL was applied a flatten, while the actual runway features a non-constant downhill slope up to 2.5%, making the landing on R18 slightly touchy, especially when approaching with some extra speed in low wing aircraft like the Robin.
    This flatten was already there in AFS1 and I secretly hoped it would be removed in AFS2, but it's not the case.

    Is there a chance this flatten could be removed and the real slope of LSGL Lausanne be rendered in a patch ? Or is this flatten compulsory due to technical limitations only allowing slightly non-flat rendering?

    Same question as above regarding AFS1 Robin, I would love flying it in AFS2 too.

    Thanks a lot for that great and promising sim, looking forward to seeing what the SDk will allow third party editors to develop and how AFS2 will cope with add-ons, but the first shot is extremely promising. Keep up the good work and best luck to AFS2!

    Warm regards

    Wow ! thank you for that GREAT upgrade ! The visual quality is truely amazing, even on my iPad Mini (I don't have a Retina model). Great to have so many new planes too, so well rendered.

    I just spent some time flying across the Alps and found out a small bug in Locarno (Southern Switzerland) : a fancy polygon displayed across the aerodrome, as shown in the attached snapshot.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Thanks again for that impressive upgrade. The desktop version is of course much awaited ;)

    Best regards