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    Hello Cav
    Well, now they fly a little better, especially doing acrobatics. As you know, in many movements of the planes of command, the rudder is unnecessary, and thus, these maneuvers execute them better since previously, the rudder was operated simultaneously with the ailerons without being necessary, and that was an incorrect maneuver. But even so, what continues to do badly, is the takeoff, especially the Pitts.
    Cav ... thanks for everything, but in relation to these two aircrafts: CASE CLOSED!

    Regards: Delfin

    Keep the tail on the ground up to 60kt then lift it will be stable then.

    I have the Rift on loan, so have no yardstick to compare.
    Things certainly are not as sharp as my 2D 2056x1600 screen, despite the alleged 2160 x 1200 claimed by Oculus!

    But for now, I am blown away by the VR experience.
    I am here because of it.
    Can life ever go back to flatscreen?? :)

    Not really. I´m flying real planes like Cessna, Piper, Robin, biplanes and Gliders, and now you can use the sim for traffic pattern and landing training. It´s near by reality. You can train your crosswind abilities, aerobatic and so on. I like it. Before, with flatscreen, this was not possible in this emmersive and real feel way.


    why there is no windsock on any airfield? It´s necessary for every GA landing. Please include quick. Can´t be that problem!