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    I have some freeware scenery addon for FS2 and I want it to install.

    So I put it into the new file "addons/scenery" and start the game.

    Now I can not find the imported scenerys.

    What is failed, that addons are missed?




    I must install FS2 on another partition as C.

    Now I can't instal the newest update, because it don't find the instatallion path.

    Only in C path installation it is perfect and can do it.

    But I have only 500 GB SSD and need it for other applications.

    What can I do to install the update on D partiton?



    It's very difficult to insatll addons on FS2.

    Some of it have an exe date, other nothing and you must place it to diffent folders.

    Now I have open a scenery folder and put the 5 dates into the folder.

    That' s the solution of my problem.

    Thanks to Unlike Spider !


    I have a problem with the FS2 Addon Canary Islands.

    My installation was to put the 5 folders in the Addon Folder.

    But there are no textures of the scenery like the other addons.

    What can I do and what the reason of this error?

    Regards Michael